Yesterday’s Dreams Shape the Future

‘Yesterday, the sunlight trickled through the clouds...
Today, as we ascend, it shines on our face with all of its brilliance...
Tomorrow, we will soar together into the future…


To be a trusted and reputable publication covering all aspects of global aviation.

Mission Statement

To become reliable and elite window of Turkish aviation while following the development of the aviation industry within global norms, qualifications and values with the understanding of bidirectional flow between national and international ecosystems and with its contents covering status of intellectual, scientific and academic, technological, professional, social & cultural developments.

Code of Ethics

Aviation Turkey publicly announces that it adheres to the 'Code of Professional Ethics of the Press' with each of employees while operating in the aviation industry with global norms, qualifications and values.

Aviation Turkey has been created by DT Medya LTD. ŞTİ. as an English language magazine in Turkey and the magazine is the information platform for the decision making mechanism of procurement circles and readers to provide a forum of technical information for the fast developing and expanding aviation industrial activities, scientific breakthroughs, ongoing projects and current programmes both in Turkey and global scale, latest news of Turkish authorities and Turkish Aviation Industry, interviews with aviation officials, executive company representatives and experts.

On the other hand Aviation Turkey is also a bilateral information platform to the Turkish Aviation officials, Turkish decision makers, procurement executives and Turkish aviation industry members on the developments of international aviation industries, capabilities and technologies.

Administrative and Editorial Board
  • Ayşe Evers - Publisher & Editor in Chief
  • Cem Akalın - Managing Editor
  • Yeşim Bilginoğlu Yörük - Administrative Coordinator
  • Muhammed Yılmaz - Editor/ Aeronautical Engineer
  • İbrahim Sünnetçi - Editor
  • Şebnem Akalin - Editor / International Relations Director
  • Saffet Uyanık - Editor / Correspondent & Translation
  • Tanyel Akman - Translation
  • Mona Melleberg Yükseltürk - Proof Reading & Editing
  • Gülsemin Bolat & Görkem Elmas - Graphic & Multimedia Design
  • Sinan Niyazi Kutsal - Professional Photographer
Chief Advisor to Editorial Board
  • Can Erel
Advisiory Board
  • Aslıhan Aydemir
  • Serdar Çora
  • Renan Gökyay
  • Murat Keleş
  • Lale Kaplan Selamoğlu
  • Assoc. Prof. Ferhan Kuyucak Şengür
  • Sıtkı Atasoy
  • Aslıhan Aydemir
  • Nazmi Cumik
  • Serdar Cora


VOLUME 1 - ISSUE 1 - YEAR 2019

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1st Issue – June 2019 – Paris Air Show
2nd Issue - November 2019 - Dubai Air Show
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