Assist. Prof. Dr. Tamer SARACYAKUPOGLU

Understanding the IMSAFE Checklist and the Dirty Dozen List - Awareness is Critical
Fatigue Studies in Aviation in Light of the 1988 Aloha Airlines Incident
The Manufacturing Techniques of Micro-Hole Filters and Protection Against Viruses
Manufacturing Methodology of an Aviation-Grade Part: Part 21 Certification
High-Tech Material Utilization Trend in the Aviation Industry
Additive Manufacturing Technologies in the Aviation Industry in Pursuit of Weight Optimization

The H160 Receives EASA Type Certification Approval
Turkish Cargo Achieved the Highest Growth Rate Among the Top 25 Air Cargo Carriers
Excellence in Maintenance myTECHNIC has touched the lives of over 240 million passengers
Qatar Airways Resumes Scheduled Belly-hold Cargo Operations to China in Response to Increased Demand
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