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Boeing Launches a new BBJ Services Bundle with Metrojet

Issue 1 - 2019

Boeing launched a new Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) services bundle and signed the first multi-year agreement for this service with Hong Kong-based business jet operator Metrojet in EBACE19.

The new services bundle provides essential digital aviation tools for BBJ flight and maintenance crews which includes 24/7 technical support, onboard performance tools and maintenance planning data, all tailored to meet customer needs.

Metrojet’s five-year agreement for the new services bundle will streamline procurement of the products and services needed to reliably and efficiently operate their BBJ fleet.

“We are thrilled to provide this comprehensive services solution for Boeing Business Jet customers,” said William Ampofo, vice president of Business & General Aviation for Boeing Global Services. “Readiness is critical, and this solution creates a true one-stop shop for customers like Metrojet to get the support they need to keep their jets in peak operation.”

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