FAA Administrator Steve Dickson’s Decision to Fly the Boeing  737 MAX
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FAA Administrator Steve Dickson’s Decision to Fly the Boeing 737 MAX

September 19, 2019

According to the interview with Federal Aviation Administrator Steve Dickson during NBC News, says he won’t allow the Boeing 737 MAX jets to return to the skies for service until he personally flies the plane himself. “I’m the final signoff authority in the U.S., and I’m not going to sign off on the aircraft until I would fly it myself,” Dickson told. Dickson’s comments come on the eve of his visit to Boeing facilities outside Seattle. While there, Dickson will meet with Boeing executives and be briefed on software updates to the 737 MAX flight control system. He will also climb into a simulator and test out the changes Boeing engineers have made to the Max. During that recertification flight, the crew will put the plane through a checklist of maneuvers to see how the plane handles those situations. After the flight, flight engineers from Boeing and the FAA will review the results. If those results meet the targets Boeing and the FAA agreed to in advance, the company will then file for recertificate.

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