An Unrivaled Dining Experience is Anticipated Onboard Turkish Airlines with Collins Aerospace’s New Essence Galley Inserts
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An Unrivaled Dining Experience is Anticipated Onboard Turkish Airlines with Collins Aerospace’s New Essence Galley Inserts

Issue 3 - 2020
An Unrivaled Dining Experience is Anticipated Onboard Turkish Airlines with Collins Aerospace’s New Essence Galley Inserts
The agreement is for 50 widebody aircraft with options for more essence inserts collection which features a broad product portfolio, including espresso machines

On 18 November, Dubai, Turkish Airlines’ new Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleets will feature industry-leading Essence Galley Inserts from Collins Aerospace Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. The signing Ceremony was held on the second day of the Dubai Air show with the participation of Mr. Brian Schmalz, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Collins Aerospace and Executives from Turkish Airlines.

Collin Aerospace will provide galley inserts on 25 new A350s and 25 B787 Dreamliners with options for more. Aircraft deliveries are underway and will continue into 2024. The Collins Aerospace’s Essence Galley Inserts includes ovens, beverage making equipment – including espresso machines, and refrigeration products. Essence is a revolutionary line of premium galley inserts, engineered with the latest innovation in technology and designed to deliver an unrivaled inflight food and beverage experience for passengers.

“After providing Turkish Airlines with galley inserts for both narrow body and widebody platforms for many years, we’re really pleased to introduce our customer to the new Essence suite,” said Brian Schmalz, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Galley Inserts, with Collins Aerospace. “Our Essence products are not only intuitive and easy to operate, they are also engineered to produce the absolute highest-quality inflight food and beverages, consistent with Turkish Airlines’ world-class service standards. The new galley inserts will help us provide our passengers with expanded offerings, such as espresso and cappuccino beverages, while enhancing our award-winning dishes from our chefs,” said (name), (title), with Turkish Airlines. “Collins Aerospace has been outfitting our galleys for many years, and we look forward to working with them to bring this industry-leading product collection onboard our new aircraft.”

In pursuit of the signing ceremony, we took a brief interview opportunity with Mr. Colin Mahoney, VP of Business Development for Interior at Collins Aerospace.

Enjoy …

Aviation Turkey: Thank you for the interview, Mr. Mahoney. Today you made and an agreement with Turkish Airlines for the new Galley Inserts designs. Could you tell us more about these products and technologies of these Galleys, because Turkish Airlines selected your company once again?

Colin Mahoney: Once again, indeed, it was a big milestone for our relationship with Turkish Airlines. As you may have seen in the press, they selected our full range of Essence; this is the brand name for our galley inserts. So, when we say galley inserts, we mean ovens, beverage makers, and refrigeration. What Turkish Airlines going to be able to do with that product line is to continue their journey of being best-in-class for catering. So, for example, they will have an espresso machine, a cappuccino machine on an airplane, which is pretty unusual. So, the Essence product line is our latest in our galley inserts, and we`ve been supplying inserts to Turkish Airlines for many years. So, this was a very wonderful milestone for the continuity of our relationship with Turkish Airlines.

Aviation Turkey: On what types of aircraft will your products be used?

Colin Mahoney: They are going on the wide-body fleet, both the 787 and A350, so around 50 aircraft.

Aviation Turkey: When will the first deliveries begin? Can you inform us about the delivery schedule?

Colin Mahoney: I am not quite sure when the first deliveries will begin, but I think it won`t take long. Turkish Airlines have options according to the schedule as well, so we will deliver the products through 2023, I believe. We`ll deliver so many up through 2023.

Aviation Turkey: What technologies do you offer? Why did Turkish Airlines select your company again?

Colin Mahoney: You may think they are just ovens, but they are actually the human-machine interface, so the flight crews have to interface with this equipment. Thus, our products reduce crew workload. They have some automation in them, so a flight attendant doesn`t have to stand and monitor things thanks to the technology in the beverage makers. Safety and reliability are the kinds of things you expect from Collins Aerospace. But it is more about how we design our products to make them easy to use because that is one of the critical things that we must do on an airplane.

Aviation Turkey: I know Collins Aerospace profoundly cares about the advancement of its products. Could you inform us more about your cabin interior technologies?

Colin Mahoney: So, we bring a broad product set to the interior of an airplane. We`re talking about Galley Inserts here; we also do Galleys in planes, we do oxygen systems, we do lighting, and we do, obviously the most famous for, the seating. We do all classes of seating from first class to business class, premium economy, and economy seating. The technologies inside all those products are growing increasingly, so as we become part of the Collins Aerospace. They are not just straightforward seats; they have advanced electronics in them, and if you sit in a business class seat, there are lots of ways to interface with it. So, a lot of advanced electronics that we benefit from being part of the old Rockwell Collins.

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