İbrahim Sünnetçi

Mehmet Keyvan: ''All companies dealing with navigation data in the aviation industry are now aware of the name KEYVAN and that it is a Turkish company''
TURKSAT 5B Communications Satellite Launched with Falcon 9 Rocket!
Turkish Space Agency President YILDIRIM: “Those not having any trace in space have no say in the world!”
The National Primary Surveillance Radar Installed and Set Up at Gaziantep Airport
Hydrogen Fuel Cells that Assure Longer and More Efficient Drone Operations Could Point Way for Future Air Travel!
TSI Seats Becomes an Airbus Approved Seat Supplier!
TSI Seats Airbus’ın Onaylı Koltuk Tedarikçisi Oldu!
TS1400 Turboshaft Engine for the T625 Helicopter

Air Taxi Achieves Proof of Concept Transition Test Flight
COVID-19: Both a Poison & an Antidote for Aviation Industry
The Debate Over the Safety of the B737 MAX at FAA Organization in U.S.
Havaş Shakes Hands with the IATA on Timatic Mobile App
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