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Apronjet Leading Aircraft Charter Provider in Turkey

Issue 1 - 2019
Leading Aircraft Charter Provider in Turkey

Apron Aviation, also known as Apronjet, offers a wide range of high quality and quick charter services including but not limited to, private or group jets, cargo ambulances, humanitarian aid, offshore air bridges, evacuations from conflict regions, all with the best price guarantee around the clock, in order to thoroughly meet client requirements.

The company was established in 2005 by Mr. Zafer Yeşilgül (Chief Executive Officer - CEO) who is a former Air Traffic Controller, for more than 20 years. Since then, with his dedication to aviation, and customer focused mindset, Apronjet grew exponentially and eventually became the leading aircraft charter provider in Turkey. As a result of such a well-deserved reputation, Apron Aviation has been appreciated by its clients and stakeholders in the market.

Throughout its journey, Apronjet has not only focused on economic growth but also has channeled its considerable efforts toward promoting better ethics and moral values. Apronjet strives to place utmost importance on moral values rather than on economic profits. With commitment, trustworthiness, integrity and professionalism Apronjet adheres to their motto “Customer First, Safety and Ethic Always”.

The regional network upon offices located in Turkey, Europe, Asia, Africa and global long-term business relationships afford Apronjet expeditious access to all available resources (private jet aircraft, airliners, helicopters, air ambulances cargo aircraft etc.) to swiftly measure up to client’s expectations. The company has allocated significant resources and subsequently has acquired an extensive aircraft portfolio, state of the art technology, high quality and safety standards, profound knowledge and experienced professionals. As a natural consequence of such an interactive business model, apart from being a solution partner in crisis situations like humanitarian aid, quick evacuations from conflict regions or establishing offshore air bridges, Apron Aviation has successfully conducted thousands of private charter flights each year with the transportation of;

Presidents, Prime Ministers and Ministers; Owners of Well-known Companies; Directors and Members of Boards, CEOs of Companies; High Level Officials of Private, Governmental and NGOs; Diplomats and Attachés; Celebrities, Sportsmen/women; Press; Other Organizations and Institutions.

Apronjet has made the decision to expand its functional areas to other air charter related subjects such as ACMI, aircraft appraisal, training, process improvement and software solutions as an air charter brokerage. This strategic decision will usher in a new area of services and opportunity.

The company places a primary focus on customer needs. With a commitment to listen carefully to their customers and evaluate feedback, customers understand that their involvement is valued and that Apronjet will be there for them.

Along with VIP services, Apronjet also specializes in air ambulance services offering worldwide (including crisis regions like Libya Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali) air ambulance services with bed-to-bed patient care. Their dedicated aircraft are fully equipped with a stretcher and an ICU as well as all other equipment, much like a flying hospital. All missions are completed with a medical team consisting of a specialized physician and a flight nurse.

To do so, each one of the aircraft operators within their network has been carefully selected to ensure a level of standard on par with Apronjet. Clients choose Apronjet because they know that all aircraft chartered on their behalf are audited and accredited by designated associations to ensure exceptional service, safety and security.

From light private jets through to the largest VIP aircraft, they are able to source any aircraft that matches precise requirements. Alongside this, Apronjet ensures that aircraft are configured to meet customer travel needs.

Personalized service is available 24/7 to clients and operators. The self-motivated and knowledgeable team is very skillful and aware that attention to detail is paramount and that an acute understanding that the client’s interest is always at the forefront. Apronjet finds the best option available and sorts out possible operational limitations, restrictions and challenges without delay. Customers are assured that they will get the best option that fits their urgent needs, without compromising service principles; best service, high quality, safe trip and, reasonable price.

Apronjet demonstrates that they full heartedly believe in “How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” Therefore, they take every action in a respectful and responsible manner and in accordance with global ethics principles and for the sake of customers, avoiding conflict of interest amongst all stakeholders involved in their business.

Apronjet looks forward to being one of the main regional players, and to further contribute to the economic development of the charter aircraft sector based on enhanced safety standards, ethics and established codes of conduct.

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