ATU Opened Its Renewed Store at Skopje Airport
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ATU Opened Its Renewed Store at Skopje Airport

Issue 14 - 2022
ATU Opened Its Renewed Store at Skopje Airport

TAV Airports and Unifree Duty Free/Gebr. ATU Duty Free, a subsidiary of Heinemann, opened its main duty free store, which it restructured by expanding it to 326 square meters at Macedonia's Skopje Airport, with the participation of Macedonian Transport and Communications Minister Blagoj Bochvarski. ATU CEO Ersan Arcan, TAV Macedonia General Manager Metin Batak and ATU North Macedonia Operations Manager Murat Demirağ also attended the opening ceremony.

Macedonian Transport and Communications Minister Blagoj Bochvarski said Skopje International Airport is the first point of contact for passengers visiting our country. For this reason, he stated that they welcome the presence of ATU Duty Free at Skopje International Airport and the raising the bar for the services offered to passengers with this new investment.

ATU CEO Ersan Arcan said, “We are happy to contribute to the development of North Macedonia's civil aviation and tourism with our store investments and expanded operation in Skopje and Ohrid International Airports. Turkey and North Macedonia share deep-rooted historical, economic and cultural ties and we are happy to build a bridge between the two countries in the field of aviation. We have invested a total of 1 million Euros in North Macedonia so far. Since the start of our operations at Skopje and Ohrid Airports in 2010, we have achieved significant growth in duty-free merchandising. In line with our expanding operation, our contribution to employment also increased in parallel. In line with our future projection for North Macedonia, we are pleased to announce the opening of our main duty free store, whose expansion project has been completed with an investment of approximately half a million Euros for the increasing number of passengers, the demand in duty-free retailing, and our expanding operation. Our new main duty-free store at Skopje International Airport will continue to offer passengers a unique shopping experience with a wide range of products, including world-famous elite brands and local products, in an area of 326 square meters.”

TAV Macedonia General Manager Metin Batak stated that they believe ATU's new duty-free shop will add value to the experience of passengers traveling from Skopje International Airport and thanked everyone who contributed.

In the store, where distinguished brands and local products in different categories from cosmetics to souvenirs are also available; There are also new brands added to ATU's portfolio at Skopje Airport.

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