Brian Moran:
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Brian Moran: "We look forward to the contribution that they will make to this platform."

Issue 18 - 2023
Brian Moran:

Aviation Turkey caught up with Boeing Vice President for Global Sustainability Policy & Partnerships Brian Moran during the Türkiye Sustainable Aviation Platform Opening Ceremony to get first-hand information on the role that Boeing Türkiye and Turkish Aviation Sector would play in Boeing’s ongoing sustainability projects and future strategies that defined to support Boeing's goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and consist of; Fleet Renewal, Operational Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Advanced Technology.

Brian Moran: Türkiye is especially important for us. As Ayşem SARGIN has said in the presentation, the company-to-country relationship goes back almost 80 years, and on the supply side, I think US$2 Billion is the number that we have already sourced over the years on sustainability. Specifically, it starts with partners like Turkish Airlines, who are investing in new products, very efficient products that are 15 to 25 percent more efficient. So, partners like Turkish Airlines are at the top of the list. But then I talked about the other opportunities around operational efficiency, sustainable aviation fuel, and advanced technology. You know we have an engineering center here that is working on advanced technologies, and this platform that we have launched today will look at Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) and the potential for SAF in Türkiye. So, we are very, very much looking forward to that.

Aviation Turkey: One of the strategies you have defined to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 is Fleet Renewal. Boeing is one of the main suppliers of commercial airplanes to THY, so do you have any ongoing negotiations with THY for the renewal of its Boeing fleet? 

Brian Moran:We always talk to our customers, that's part of what we do, and we are immensely proud of the relationship we have with Turkish Airlines.

Aviation Turkey: Türkiye's flag carrier Turkish Airlines (THY), signed the Global Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Declaration with the participation of Rolls-Royce and Airbus on October 7 during the İstanbul Airshow held in October 2022. With over 100 operational optimization projects successfully implemented since 2008 to reduce the carbon footprint, THY saved 57,581 tons of fuel in 2022 alone, thus preventing the release of 181,379 tons of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. 

Brian Moran: Yes, as we heard today, Turkish Airlines take sustainability seriously. The commitment to SAF, the commitment to fleet renewal. That is why we are partnering with them. That is why they are at the top table with İstanbul Technical University, and we look forward to the contribution that they will make to this platform.

Aviation Turkey: So, have you defined any further or new role for Boeing Türkiye in THY’s fleet renewal and SAF commitment?

Brian Moran: We have already talked about the supply chain impact we have had over the years. Well, look, I think this platform will be exciting because we are going to look at SAF and a roadmap for SAF. We are going to look at frankly education and the educational side of this. This is a complicated space. It requires some explanation, and no better partner than a technical university to do that with you 

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