''Citation Longitude  Offers the Quietest Cabin in the Super- midsize Segment ''
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''Citation Longitude Offers the Quietest Cabin in the Super- midsize Segment ''

Issue 23 - 2024
 ''Citation Longitude  Offers the Quietest Cabin in the Super- midsize Segment ''

I had a unique flight experience with Citation Longitude from Rome to Istanbul. Citation Longitude offers the quietest cabin in the super-midsize segment. The aircraft was conducting a demonstration tour for its clients across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Following its stop in Istanbul, its upcoming destinations were Moldova and Athens.

The Cessna Citation Longitude aircraft is the flagship of the Citation fleet. Masterful craftsmanship exudes luxury throughout the cabin. Intuitive technology mobilizes productivity. In the super-midsize class, Citation Longitude gives you more range, greater payload or higher cruise speed at a lower direct operating cost. Simply put: this aircraft delivers the reliability and efficiency you need to maximize the value of every mission

The Most Comfortable Cabin in its Class

Engineered to give you the quietest, most comfortable cabin in its class. The spacious cabin and double-club seating afford up to 20 percent more legroom than the competition. Designed and built in-house, the seats recline to lay fully flat and are crafted for smooth mobility as you work or relax in flight. It provides a spacious, flat-floor, six-foot stand-up cabin with best-in-class legroom for ultimate comfort.

The Citation Longitude jet's stand-up cabin is customizable to meet your business and travel requirements. With the quietest interior and the most legroom in its class, plus fully berthable seating and a flat-aisle design, you’ll find the peace to focus your mind and the space to stretch your thinking. And with room to accommodate up to 12 passengers, you and your executive team have the freedom to work and collaborate just as you would in the boardroom.

Creating the World’s Quietest Super-Midsize Cabin

A quiet aircraft creates a more comfortable cabin environment that makes it easier to rest and remain productive during a flight. Even low and mid frequency noise levels — often sourced from wind and whirling engines — can contribute to passenger and pilot fatigue and affect cabin comfort and in-flight productivity.

Textron developed exclusive soundproofing techniques to design the world’s quietest super-midsize cabin. Leveraging methods used to optimize cabin sound levels in other Citation aircraft, the Textron Aviation acoustics team worked directly with design engineers to ensure every aspect of the Citation Longitude® jet resulted in a quiet interior.

Through aerodynamic engineering and one-of-a-kind research and development, the team developed new sound proofing methods to create the world’s quietest super-midsize cabin.

“Often, aircraft are designed to be quiet mainly during long range cruise,” said Gonzalo Mendoza, Textron Aviation’s chief acoustics engineer. “The Longitude is very quiet there, but it's also quiet during climb, high speed flight and descent. It was made to be quiet from the outset, not modified to be quieter after it was designed.”

Throughout the Longitude development program, the cabin acoustics team measured sound from other super-midsize and large-cabin business aircraft using the same process. And while certain materials can affect cabin sound levels — everything from glassware, woodwork and fabrics plays a role in cabin noise levels — all aircraft were tested in comparable conditions, Mendoza said.

With sound levels averaging 67 decibels, the Longitude cabin is among the quietest you'll find. The quiet interior also complements other comfort features of the aircraft, from extra legroom and fully flat-laying seats, to lighting and interior design.

“The goal was to make the Longitude cabin feel like your office or a conference room, not just an aircraft.” Mendoza said. “Sound plays a major role in in creating that type of environment.”

Rested and Ready to Go

Arrive refreshed, thanks to a low cabin altitude that does not exceed 4,950 ft at 41,000 ft cruise altitude. The best-in-class wet galley with large potable water tank enhances cabin service with plenty of room for food preparation.

The large, walk-in baggage compartment has a storage capability of up to 1,000 lb. and is accessible throughout the entire flight.

From a wireless cabin management system that puts you in control of the cabin, to fully integrated auto throttles in the cockpit, the Citation Longitude jet brings the latest technology to the super-midsize segment.

GARMIN G5000 Flight Deck

Pilots have complete touchscreen control of navigation and communication systems with the next evolution of the GARMIN G5000 flight deck.

Built for maximum efficiency, the Citation Longitude jet features fully integrated auto throttles and LINXUS software, the industry's most advanced on-board diagnostic system. With optional head-up display and enhanced vision capability, the Citation Longitude jet facilitates eyes-up flying. The spacious cockpit incorporates easier access and an ergonomic design that fully focuses on crew comfort and efficiency. The working with the Central Diagnostics Maintenance System (CDMS) LinxUs and LinxUs Air, both function as a fault-isolation system that monitors the aircraft 100 percent of the time. In the event of an on-board issue, actionable answers are provided in real time, resulting in faster turnaround to get the aircraft back in the air. LinxUs – reports issues upon landing with a Wi-Fi connection. LinxUs Air – reports issues in flight via satellite.

Textron Aviation Leads Industry Deliveries Across Multiple Segments

According to the annual shipments and billings report published by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA), Textron Aviation continues to lead the industry in multiple segments. According to the General Aviation Manufacturers Association's (GAMA) year-end report for 2023, Textron Aviation completed the delivery of 618 aircraft units, amounting to a cumulative value of $3,615,598,500.

Textron celebrates leading industry delivery achievements in the following categories for 2023: Total jets, Midsize jets, Light-entry jets, Business and utility turboprops  and Light single-engine pistons 

In the global market, 24 Citation Longitude aircraft were delivered in the calendar year 2023.Over 100 Longitude aircraft are currently operational across seven nations, with one such aircraft deployed in Turkey. Turkey hosts over 70 Textron Aviation aircrafts, notably comprising more than 60 business jets. 

Textron Aviation to Showcase its 5 Aircrafts at Ebace 2024

Textron Aviation will participate to the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) as the industry leader with more than 1,700 Cessna and Beechcraft turbine aircraft based in Europe and more than 250,000 aircraft delivered worldwide.   

The company will feature five aircraft at the static display; The flagship Cessna Citation Longitude jet,  The best-selling mid-size business jet – the Citation Latitude, the enhanced Citation CJ4 Gen2 and M2 Gen2 and the iconic turboprop, the Beechcraft King Air 360. The company will also highlight aftermarket products, services and modifications at its booth. 

Textron Aviation is committed to environmental sustainability and natural resource conservation and supports the Business Aviation Commitment on Climate Change. The company is making robust investments in its products and facilities to be designed or operated more sustainably, including:  

-Proudly renewing its commitment to sustainability by signing the EBACE Green Pledge 

-Utilizing local customer aircraft for exhibition or flying all company-owned turbine aircraft from the United States on Sustainable Aviation Fuel for trade shows 

-Operating company-owned demonstration fleet on a new ProAdvantage program, Sustainable Advantage, to offset carbon dioxide emissions from operating aircraft

Founded in 1962, EMAIR Aviation is the authorized sales representative and authorized service facility for Textron Aviation's Cessna and Beechcraft family of business jets and general aviation aircraft in Turkey. The company celebrates its 56th year of partnership with Textron Aviation this year.

For more information about EMAIR Aviation and its extensive range of services, including aircraft sales, maintenance, and repair, visit their website at www.emair.com.tr 

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