Crew Uniforms Designed with Innovative New Antibacterial & Antiviral Textiles by Keyvan Aviation
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Şebnem Akalın

Crew Uniforms Designed with Innovative New Antibacterial & Antiviral Textiles by Keyvan Aviation

Issue 6 - 2020
Crew Uniforms Designed with Innovative New Antibacterial & Antiviral Textiles by Keyvan Aviation
During the Pandemic, protecting the health of critical staff such as healthcare workers or pilots & cabin attendants has been a top priority for decision makers. The real solution is obtaining quality professional protective gear for these higher risk jobs. But how well do certain materials protect and what products are out there now? Many innovative companies are working hard to eliminate the invisible enemy, and to help protect our real heroes from the virus. In this exclusive interview, we talk with Mr. Mehmet Keyvan CEO of Keyvan Aviation about the antibacterial & antiviral flight crew uniform developed and manufactured by Keyvan Aviation. Enjoy it…

Şebnem Akalın: Mr. Keyvan, thank you for the interview. Can you tell us about yourself and your background in the aviation industry?

Mehmet Keyvan: Thank you very much for this opportunity to be in your magazine. I am an avionic engineer.  I started my career in aviation 20 years ago. Focusing on cabin interior design and modification projects, during these years I did a lot of projects for business jets and commercial airliners. While doing consultancy service for the owners of these aircrafts and high-net-worth individuals, I became interested in fashion in aviation, so I decided to start a new company focusing on aero fashion to provide the aviation industry with fashionable uniforms and unique designs for business jets. There is no fashion company providing uniforms for cabin crews and most of the airlines are looking for well-known fashion freelance designers for their uniforms. We therefore decided to establish an aero fashion department comprising an inhouse design team with a strong supply system to create a professional, fashionable and elegant look for the crew as well as taking care of their comfort, safety and efficiency. 

 Şebnem Akalın: Keyvan Aviation has produced the first antibacterial and antiviral flight crew uniform in the world.  Can you please share details about the properties of this uniform and other products developed by your company?

Mehmet Keyvan: The first idea of the company was to offer fashion for the aviation industry but due to Covid 19, we tried to respond quickly and prepare ourselves to support the airlines industry with a new product. While we were searching to find the best solution for our product, we discovered that the virus and bacteria easily spreads through the surfaces of textiles. Preventing this would help minimize the risk of infection. Since flight and ground crews deal with lots of people during their duty, having a design to cover their body and to also be comfortable offers them a convenient environment to perform their duty. The key benefit of this product is to help airlines manage their cost and care for sustainability. We considered all of these factors and it led us to design full body cover antibacterial and antiviral uniforms which use more natural fabric and offer breathability, comfort and skin friendly features. Wearing the antibacterial and antiviral uniforms protects you from carrying the virus and the bacteria, so when you are in a public transport airport area or inside airplanes, the risk of carrying virus and bacteria decreases 99.99%. 

All features are tested by related standards in accredited laboratories in Turkey and internationally. 

We also offer a COVID-free label for clients wanting to inform the passengers that they already upgraded their uniform to a higher level. 

 Şebnem Akalın: Have any airlines started using these uniforms?  If not yet, will we see these uniforms in use in the near future?

Mehmet Keyvan: Since we have just launched the product, we are still in the proposal stage with airlines but hopefully we will see uniforms in use in the air in the very near future. The Covid 19 situation is causing airlines around the world financial difficulties and as this product is less about luxury and mainly about keeping people safe, and we are discussing with our customers how to support them in these difficult days. I am glad to say that there is good potential in this market, and we intend to make Turkey a leader for this requirement. We have also received very positive responses from aviation professionals around the world. It has made us very happy and we are proud of our team. 

Şebnem Akalın: Your company develops uniforms, specifically Crew uniforms.  Is there a possibility that Ground Handling operations will also be able to use your products?

Mehmet Keyvan: Yes, our product is designed for airports and airline users and it is possible to use it in these sections. Our design team is available to review the requirements and prepare specialized designs based on requirements.

 Şebnem Akalın: Can you tell us more about your future plans?

Mehmet Keyvan: Keyvan Aviation is the first to introduce such uniforms in the industry. From idea generation to creation of the product, Keyvan Aviation’s products are 100% Turkish made. Our main goal is to be the market leader in aero fashion products and support worldwide aviation customers with our 100% Turkish made products. We hope that after this crisis airlines will start operating normally again and we can support them with more fashionable looks to enable them to welcome their passengers on board with distinctive style. This will be a strong message for Turkey which is historically and traditionally strong in the textile and fashion industries.

 Şebnem Akalın: Thank you for your time and the interview Mr. Keyvan.  Is there anything else that you would like to add in closing for Aviation Turkey readers?

Mehmet Keyvan: We are all passing through very difficult times for the aviation industry. We need to support each other as members of this worldwide community and try to rebuild passenger trust. Then, we will see an increase in flights and the airlines will grow. Keyvan Aviation strives to play its role in the industry and supports airlines and airports with its products. We all hope to see good days ahead for the aviation industry soon 

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