Fulya Hargrave,  Aircraft Sales Manager, Jetex
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Fulya Hargrave, Aircraft Sales Manager, Jetex

Issue 23 - 2024
Fulya Hargrave,  Aircraft Sales Manager, Jetex

'' The demand for private jet services in Turkey has increased after the pandemic ''

 Aviation Turkey: With a widespread global presence, how do you assess Jetex operations across different regions?

Fulya Hargrave: Jetex is a truly global private aviation brand and we are also pleased to be known as the world’s favourite private aviation brand. This is the reputation we gained from our customers, which we dearly value and respect. Our operations span across all continents and we are pleased to support clients anywhere in the world.

Aviation Turkey: How does Jetex adapt its services to meet the unique needs and regulations of each country or region it operates in?

Fulya Hargrave: Jetex is truly a global brand and adapts its operations to every region and country in which it operates. Cultural awareness is a core value essential to all of our operations.

Aviation Turkey: Are there any plans for further expansion into new geographic markets or regions?

Fulya Hargrave:  Jetex is already present in many countries, across all continents, and we look forward to delivering our award-winning brand experience to more locations.

Aviation Turkey: Can you please share insights into Jetex's current Fixed Base Operator (FBO) capabilities and recent developments?

Fulya Hargrave: Jetex has redefined the concept of private terminals (FBOs) – today they are luxurious spaces designed with every convenience in mind for global travellers. From Paris to Marrakech, Dubai and Singapore, Jetex private terminals are the epitome of luxury, conveninence and comfort for every private jet traveller.

Aviation Turkey: Are there any plans for future growth or development of your FBO network? 

Fulya Hargrave: Absolutely. We look forward to growing our private jet terminal network to more than 50 locations globally, in key international gateways.

Aviation Turkey: What distinguishes Jetex's Jet Fuel and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) services? Are there any upcoming operational  innovations and investments  in your jet fuel and SAF offerings?

Fulya Hargrave: Jetex offers sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at selected airports around the world. Bringing SAF to the United Arab Emirates was a milestone achievement, and we were pleased that we can offer this type of aircraft fuel to our customers in Dubai in partnership with Shell Aviation. It is even more important in light of 2023 being announced as the Year of Sustainability in the UAE as it cements our ambition to reduce carbon emissions. As a safe and fully certified drop-in fuel compatible with existing aircraft fleet and airport infrastructure, SAF can be blended with conventional jet fuel at a ratio of up to 50%, creating an aviation fuel that is significantly lower in lifecycle carbon emissions. In its neat form, SAF can reduce lifecycle emissions by up to 80% compared to conventional jet fuel.

Our newest SAF destination is Geneva and I am confident that Jetex customers will be delighted by the opportunity to fly with a severely reduced carbon footprint.

Aviation Turkey: Aircraft sales are a cornerstone of your services . How does Jetex assist clients in the acquisition or sale of aircraft, from consultation to final transaction? 

Fulya Hargrave:  Jetex Aircraft Sales have a trusted global network and a world-class in-house team to source the best aircraft according to client requirements, including access to aircraft that are not openly listed on the market. Today we have the widest global reach for aircraft listed on and off the market.

 Aviation Turkey: Can you highlight any notable trends or shifts in the aircraft sales market that Jetex has observed recently?

Fulya Hargrave: In the realm of luxury travel, private jets epitomize exclusivity, comfort, and efficiency.

Today, more clients are looking for private aircraft which complement their lifestyle and corporate requirements.

The cost of a private jet varies widely from USD 2 million to USD 100 million, depending on the client’s requirements. The main upfront cost drivers are the model of aircraft selected and whether the aircraft is new or pre-owned.

 Aviation Turkey: What specific services does Jetex offer in Turkey, and how does the company engage with the local aviation community?

Fulya Hargrave:  Jetex has established a very strong business partnership with the local Turkish Aviation community and our Global Services are extended to all of our Turkish customers. We provide flight support services such as flight plan filing, permits, clearances, slot coordination and  dispatch services. Our ground support services include aircraft handling, catering and  fuel supply for business jet flights as well as airline and military operations.

Aviation Turkey: How do you perceive the business jet market in Turkey, and where does Jetex stand in terms of aircraft sales within the country?

Fulya Hargrave: The business aviation market is very active in Turkey, despite the global economical challenges and decline in business jet sales during the first quarter of 2024. Turkey remains strong in the market and the number of business jets is continually increasing, continuous airline growth notwithstanding.

Aviation Turkey: How do you assess the current demand for private aircraft in the Turkish market?

Fulya Hargrave: The demand for private jet services in Turkey has increased after the pandemic, resulting in a fourfold increase of private and business jet operations since 2021. There are more charter customers and, more significantly, many first time aircraft owners.

Aviation Turkey: What factors influence the buying decisions of customers in Turkey when it comes to private aircraft?

Fulya Hargrave: For business customers, there are several key factors driving the decision to operate private aircraft. First and foremost, private aircraft provide significant time savings compared to airline travel and a much more hassle-free experience.  Airline flights include up to three hours passing through endless airport security, passport, waiting and boarding procedures with hundreds of other passengers. A premium cabin trip saves no time, it simply provides a better seat and meal experience. Additionally, airline flights operate only on scheduled departure/destination pairings so the itinerary required to operate between business-specific locations may include several flight connections, making the entire trip tedious and time-consuming. Private jet travel eliminates all of these inconveniences. Passengers show up to luxurious, exclusive Jetex  terminals at the time of their choosing, get whisked immediately through security and are airborne within 15 minutes of arrival. Destinations need not be international hubs for airlines, instead anywhere worldwide with an airport becomes directly accessible, thereby saving hours or even days to business travellers.

Aviation Turkey: How does Jetex position itself to meet the needs and preferences of clients interested in purchasing aircraft in Turkey?

Fulya Hargrave: Jetex has its aircraft sales division with very experienced teams strategically located. We have the expertise and the tools necessary to satisfy clients’ needs, with our professionals based in Istanbul catering to Turkish and European clients in the region. There is an entire process to be followed when purchasing or selling a jet. It takes time and in-depth knowledge of market products and client requirements. Jetex offers clients transparency during this entire process, thereby establishing trust and long-term relationships with its clients.

Aviation Turkey: Are there any investment plans for Turkey in Jetex's future strategy? 

Fulya Hargrave: Jetex looks forward to expanding its presence in Turkey and we welcome the opportunity to showcase our complete suite of Jetex private terminals and services to this key international market.

Aviation Turkey: Could you please inform us about private jet charter services in Turkey and worldwide?

Fulya Hargrave:  Jetex also has a private charter department. We serve the clients’ needs both with our own fleet and with our partners’ worldwide. We have a dedicated team to find the best aircraft option according to the clients’ requests. With our strategically placed FBOs and global partners, our end goal is always to provide the best experience in Turkey and worldwide 

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