Global Air Cargo and Turkish Cargo
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Global Air Cargo and Turkish Cargo

Issue 2 - 2019
Global Air Cargo and Turkish Cargo
by Turhan Özen – Chief Cargo Officer at Turkish Airlines

The global air cargo industry keeps growing and evolving into new dimensions with the effect of the developing technology. According to IATA data the industry demonstrated growth that is considered regular in terms of tonnage between 2009 - 2018, and it is expected to take a substantial share of global trade operations in the upcoming period. The air cargo industry accounts for 1% and 38% of global trade operations in volume and value, respectively.

In line with the World Air Cargo Forecast; the global air cargo industry and the global cargo fleet are expected to grow by 4.2 percent and by more than 75 percent on annual basis between 2018-2037.

We see that substantial developments and a positive acceleration are occurring in Turkey in parallel with global air cargo developments and trends. The data obtained by Eurocontrol shows that the quantity of cargo carried in Turkey between 2009-2018 has increased by 232 percent.

We, as Turkish Cargo, are maintaining our dynamic growth across the air cargo industry in strict adherence to developing technology and global norms. According to the data disclosed in July by the WACD immediately after we moved into the Mega Hub Istanbul Airport, we have increased our tonnage rate by 11.7 percent while the overall industry has shrunk by -4.2 percent, and we ranked 7th in the air cargo market. (In July 2018, we ranked 8th.)

Increasing our tonnage figures, growing our fleet and flight network

We carried 1.4 million tons of air cargo in 2018 leveraging our services extended to 126 countries around the world, and in 2019 once we have moved into the mega Istanbul Airport we aim to handle/carry 1.6 million tons of air cargo. We will be providing service to more than 300 destinations around the world including 88 direct cargo destinations thanks to our fleet of 344 aircraft including 23 freighters and the 5 newly-acquired Boeing 777 aircraft each equipped with a capacity of carrying 102 tons of cargo. Turkish Cargo aims to extend its current flight network and operate flights to 10 more destinations across the continents of Africa, Asia, Europe, South and North America. We will have access to more than 120 direct cargo destinations by 2023, marking the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of Turkey.

Special cargo service for special products

Turkish Cargo provides service with 43 specialized cargo containers with different contents and temperature ranges. Special solutions such as "TK Live" for a comfortable travel experience, "TK Care" for highly sensitive consignments to be carried and accompanied by expert teams, "TK Fresh" for consignments that require transport at appropriate temperatures to stay as fresh as the day they were produced, "TK Valuable and TK Vulnerable" for highly-protected storage and transportation, "TH Pharma" for medicinal products and "TK Courier" for fast and privileged consignments. We perform transportation operations to any destination around the world by preserving the same temperature ranges required by our clients thanks to our thermal temperature controlled, CSafe RKN and Envirotainer containers.

Istanbul Airport and Mega HUB Cargo Terminal (SmartIST)

With air cargo operations across more than 300 global destinations, Turkish Cargo will have an annual handling capacity of 4 million tons of cargo at its mega facility to be built on a total area of 300 thousand m2 at Istanbul Airport. Accessing more than 60 capital cities in a flight period of 7 hours, Istanbul Airport is one of the closest hubs to global logistics centers. To be completed in two different phases, the facility that is being constructed will be equipped with IT developments and optimization, robotics automatic storage systems (ASRS-PCHS), as well as the special cargo services PER - AVI and Express - E-commerce operational areas.

We`ll keep performing our operations by means of our technology-assisted services such as the inter-communication of all systems and operations thanks to Iot & Big Data, enhancement of the operational efficiency thanks to UGV&UAV, gaining area and minimization of human-oriented operations, shift to digital processes from paper-based processes thanks to E-Freight, and minimization of error rates and costs thanks to RPA.

Additionally, as part of the services of "We World Express", a Hong-Kong based associated company incorporated jointly with ZTO, the Chinese express cargo brand, and Hong-Kong based PAL Air, door-to-door logistics operations, pick-up, transportation, pick-up from home, distribution, freight transportation, pick-up from home and distribution, freight transportation, cross-shipment and transportation to last point, will be provided. It if required storage management, order and supply chain management services will also be provided.

Combining its extensive service network and operational capabilities with Turkey’s unique geographical advantages, Turkish Cargo maintains its operations with the aim of being one of the top five global air cargo brands in line with the vision set for 2023.

Logistics and training

Turkey is forging ahead to become a global logistics base especially among the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa the need for related qualified manpower increases each and every day. Team members who have received theoretical and practical training on minimizing costs/expenses and efficiency enhancement are essential assets. Key fundamentals also include the planning of fast, flexible and effective supply chain management processes, and insight into the improvement of production and distribution systems.

Turkish Airlines has started the implementation of "TK Take Off" which is a program facilitating the initial processes of a new graduate’s business life. This capability program enables university students to take their first confident steps forward in their new jobs. The airline also provides extensive internship opportunities and continues to support education and training which paves the way for young minds and opens doors to the competitive, fast-growing and entertaining aviation industry that spans the globe with endless possibilities

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