Hello to All Aviation Fans!
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Hello to All Aviation Fans!

Issue 2 - 2019
Hello to All Aviation Fans!
by Aslıhan Aydemir

My insatiable appetite for aviation was well satisfied at the Wings Over Baltics Airshow 20/21 July 2019 which was held at the Latvia / Jurmala Airport. The show fulfilled my senses with many incredible performances and demonstrations that were enhanced with the wonderful noise of these flying babes. I especially enjoyed the bomb effect of the F16, it was quite amazing and one of the highlights for me.

After the mind-blowing success of the show last year, Wings Over Baltics Airshow 2018, the second edition of the Baltics was a much-anticipated aviation event - Wings Over Baltics Airshow 2019! I’ve commented very openly like this because the event had all the right elements for an air show. Sometimes at these types of shows you feel like you are going to the cinema and see an overload of advertisements and of course you lose your excitement, but this is the main point that makes this event stand out among the other airshows that I’ve experienced before. This is not an exhibition it is truly a 100% knock-your-socks-off airshow!

The event hosted more than 20 000 aviation enthusiasts for both show days. That was also fantastic as most of these people now have made great memories and the kids may be the most important detail here, these kids who have experienced the spark of excitement will be the future pioneers of aviation. They have new dreams and ideas ignited by the sights and sounds of the airshow, imagining many new possibilities and reaching for new targets in their lives.

Let’s see the show:

More international and local display teams and jaw dropping solo performances from the best in tge business:

Baltic Bees Jet Team L39C x7, F-16 Falcon, JAS 39 Gripen, Team Orlik x4, Jurgis Kairys Solo, BMW M5 vs. L39C race, HU-60S BlackHawk, DC-3 DAKOTA - x2, R-44, Team Aeroprakt x2 and AN-2 etc.

Touch the aircraft

Closer than ever. As close as it gets.

Wings Over Baltics Airshow 2019 invites you for a up close, face to face meet with the most amazing aircraft.

Everything in a reach of a hand or a sight (up in the air).

It will be even possible to get into the cockpit of some aircrafts

Meet the pilots

Autographs, handshakes, selfies!

Your chance to meet the best of the best!

Wings Over Baltics Airshow 2019 gives you the opportunity to meet the Gods of the Sky in person!

Meet and greet sessions will be held during the display time.

Perfect place for kids to see who they want to be when they grow up!

Fly the Aircraft

Be a pilot for a day yourself!

Wings Over Baltics Airshow 2019 is your opportunity to not only see the exciting show in the sky, but also to feel the actual flight on your own skin and the tickle in your stomach!

Several flight options will be available for the public - starting from small planes up to jets!

If you are looking to have a taste of this Adrenaline rush with the Baltic Team still you have a chance to experience;

Aerobatic maneuvers during the flight:

-> Turns

-> Looping

-> Rolling

-> Zero-g

-> Fight turns

-> Deep dives

-> Low passes

Good Luck

With your family

Two Day event for the whole family!

Wings Over Baltics Airshow 2019 has no age limit! The show is designed to entertain every generation.

It doesn’t matter if you are 7 or 77 – you’ll certainly find something for You!

Kids attractions, Sky Zoo static aircraft museum, drone zone, expo zone, food zone etc.

Boys don`t grow up, their toys just fly higher!

Sky Zoo Museum

The Air Museum "Sky Zoo" has been established at the airport "sky zoo", which is currently displaying aircraft such as as-40, an-2, su22m4, Pzl T-11 spark, helicopter mi-24 which are painted in "animal print colors" and is located at the Jurmala airport. People have the opportunity to find out about the history of the airport, see the airport transformation, and familiarize themselves with the future development plans of the airport. In the «Sky Zoo» territory people can find such points of interests such as: • Tower • Runway • Caponiers • Hangars • Technics of engineering • Technical department • Exhibits of museum planes.

Even for me, it’s hard to express all there is to see with words. I hope that I’ve share my feelings of excitement with you, so that you are interested in going to see, feel and hear the thrill and passion next year so that we can share the same atmosphere as aviation fans. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so really the best thing I can do is to share pictures.

I can’t give the same effect of the BMW M5 vs. L39C race, F-16 Falcon power , Baltic Bees Jet Team L39C x7 dance , Jurgis Kairys Solo crazy show (he is 67 years old ), Team Orlik x4 ballet, JAS 39 Gripen kidding with sky and all others.

Double the Speed. Double the Power, Double the Adrenaline!

Wings Over Baltics Airshow 2019!

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