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IGA-Istanbul Airport and Singapore Airlines Collaborate to Promote Environmental Sustainability

Issue 21 - 2023
IGA-Istanbul Airport and Singapore Airlines Collaborate to Promote Environmental Sustainability

As part of their collaboration with İGA Istanbul Airport, Singapore Airlines recently hosted a workshop at the iGA Istanbul Airport Zero Waste Center, centering on waste management. This collaborative event showcased the joint dedication of both entities toward sustainability and environmental stewardship, aligning with the European Waste Management Week.

Attended by students from Istanbul Aydın University, Istanbul Gelişim University, and Istanbul Commerce University, the workshop emphasized effective waste management and the art of upcycling through hands-on experiences. Students engaged with industry professionals, gaining insights into waste processes at İGA Istanbul Airport.

Following a tour of the İGA Istanbul Airport Zero Waste Center, a workshop led by artist and designer Pınar Akkurt, specializing in upcycling, took place. Participants creatively designed products using recycled materials.

Expressing enthusiasm about the event, Hongyao Hu, General Manager of Singapore Airlines Turkey, shared, "We take pride in spearheading initiatives that educate and empower the younger generation to actively engage in sustainable practices. Our collaboration with İGA Istanbul Airport aims to foster a culture of environmental sustainability."

Fırat Emsen, Deputy General Manager of Technical Services at İGA Istanbul Airport, emphasized, "As a crucial global transfer hub, we are dedicated to implementing technologies and practices that safeguard environmental values while enhancing economic efficiency. Our commitment lies in making aviation more sustainable, ensuring a better planet for generations to come. Our collaboration with Singapore Airlines in this waste management workshop perfectly aligns with our core values. It's gratifying for İGA Istanbul Airport to play a role in the European Waste Management Week, introducing students to our upcycling practices."

This event served as a platform for Singapore Airlines and İGA Istanbul Airport to share their mutual commitment to advancing sustainability and fostering a greener future in aviation, particularly among younger generations

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