IGA Istanbul Airport Becomes a Trustee Member of  TIACA
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IGA Istanbul Airport Becomes a Trustee Member of TIACA

Issue 12 - 2022
IGA Istanbul Airport Becomes a Trustee Member of  TIACA

With the substantial share of Turkish Airlines and Turkish Cargo, IGA Istanbul Airport offers transportation activities to 120 countries, 60 capitals and 130 destinations within a 3-hour flight distance and provides benefits to airlines flying to and from Istanbul for air cargo.

The "cargo city", to reach an annual cargo capacity of 2 million tons in 2023 and 4.5 million tons when all phases are finalized, also offers its users the opportunity to make long-term planning over a wide zone. IGA Istanbul Airport provides high operational efficiency for cargo transportation with its infrastructure and service quality as well as its geographic advantage.

The airport stands out for its features such as fast parking for cargo aircraft, easy transportation to and from passenger aircraft parked close to the terminal and passenger walkways through 3 separate tunnels on the apron, parking lots just next to the warehouses, and a capacity to simultaneously accommodate over 29 wide-body aircraft.

Having gained international recognition for the advantages it offers, IGA Istanbul Airport has been upgraded from Corporate Membership in The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) to Trustee Membership. With this change – as a symbol of trust on global scale, IGA Istanbul Airport now has the right to contribute to TIACA's vision and mission as well as board voting.

Providing a large storage capacity for international e-commerce businesses, IGA Istanbul Airport is regarded as a cargo-friendly airport with its focus on digitalization and efficiency improvement.

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