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Jetex – Ready to Take Private Aviation in Turkey to New Heights

March 06, 2020
Jetex – Ready to Take Private Aviation in Turkey to New Heights
In this issue, we are proud to share an interview by Ayşe Akalın, Editor in Chief of Aviation Turkey Magazine, with Adel Mardini, Jetex President & CEO about his career and his company, Jetex Flight Support.

One of the global leaders in executive aviation, Jetex is recognized for delivering flexible, best-in-class flight support solutions to customers worldwide. Jetex provides exceptional FBOs, aircraft fueling, ground handling and global trip planning. The company caters to an elite clientele including owners and operators of business jets for corporate, commercial and personal air travel.

Ayşe Akalın: Mr. Mardini, can you briefly share a bit about who you are, your background and what sparked your interest in aviation?

Adel Mardini: I`am a Damascus-born Turkish-national businessman, the descendant of a Turkish father and a Syrian mother.

In my early days, I worked at Damascus International Airport where I was transporting passengers and crew between the airport terminal and aircraft. I enjoyed the job and that’s how my interest in aviation started.

Ayşe Akalın: What was the catalyst for the formation of Jetex, can you tell us about how the company was formed?

Adel Mardini: I often heard passengers and crew complain about the lack of adequate service especially when flying on private jets, so I quickly realized there was a gap in the service chain and saw an opportunity to fill that gap. That’s where the idea of Jetex came from.

In 2005 I launched my company Jetex in Dubai and made the official announcement at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) in May of that year.

Ayşe Akalın: What can you say about Jetex‘s current aviation capabilities and the latest developments so far?

Adel Mardini: Jetex initially started as a trip support company and after 4 years of strategic planning, research and networking, we launched our first FBO at the Paris’ Le Bourget Airport.

We then added other FBOs in Dubai, Muscat, Rome, Abidjan, and Marrakech to name a few and we continue to expand our network by constantly adding new locations and entering new territories.

In 2019, in recognition of Jetex’s achievements, World Travel Awards honored the company with 3 prestigious awards.

And earlier in 2019, Jetex was granted five-star ratings by the Global Star Rating System for Services for the company’s FBOs in Paris and in Dubai. This recognition makes Jetex the first FBO brand to receive a 5-star rating.

Jetex is also certified by both Safety 1st and the International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling (IS-BAH) in both France and the Middle East proving that service quality and safety are of paramount importance for us.

With Jetex I have sought to create a new concept of customer experience in business aviation. Traditionally, FBOs were regarded as no more than a gas station for aircraft and a booth to clear customs & immigration. Much to Jetex’s credit, the new FBO concept includes full amenities for relaxation and comfort, an entertainment lounge, and exercise equipment. The customer experience we provide extends beyond greeting the customers at our luxurious terminals.

We provide a full spectrum of arrangements ranging from helicopter tours, yacht cruises, villa booking and more.

Ayşe Akalın: What would you like to share about Jetex‘s Dubai Airshow performance?

Adel Mardini: For the third consecutive time, Jetex was the appointed as the official FBO handler for the 2019 Dubai Air Show.

We handled more than 125 aircraft and were happy to contribute to the success of the show.

We are grateful to the show organizers and the airport authority for giving us this trust.

Having been appointed as the official handler in 2015, 2017 and 2019, it echos the satisfaction of the exhibitor operators and the show organizers and their trust in Jetex’s capabilities.

Ayşe Akalın: What do you envision as far as projections regarding Jetex’s future activities with Turkey?

Adel Mardini: Turkey is one of the prominent markets in the region. There are more than 110 registered aircraft in the country and Istanbul’s strategic location boasts 3 airports.

Ayşe Akalın: How did Jetex become interested in Turkish aviation?

Adel Mardini: Jetex is currently the official dealer of the HondaJet aircraft in the Middle East, Turkey and Pakistan.

Ayşe Akalın: What are your expectations from Turkey and Turkish aviators regarding meeting your plans and expectations in the future?

Adel Mardini: The only hindrance for our expansion into Turkey is the restriction on FBO concessions.

We hope that Atatürk Airport can be dedicated to serving general aviation and that the Turkish government would pass regulations for the activities of FBO providers and to run an official tender for FBO concessions where FBO-specialized companies from around the world can compete to win an FBO license. If that were to happen, we believe Jetex has a very strong chance of winning the first FBO license in Turkey.

Ayşe Akalın: Do you have any plans for a business visit to Turkey in 2020?

Adel Mardini: We plan on participating in the Istanbul Air Show in 2020 and bring a HondaJet for a static display. We’ve also participated in the 2018 edition of the Istanbul Air Show and had a reserved chalet and a HondaJet at the static display.

The Turkish market has great potential for growth and naturally we wish for Jetex to be a part of that growth.

Ayşe Akalın: Is there anything you would like to add?

Adel Mardini: We hope 2020 will be a good and prosperous year for business aviation in Turkey and around the world.

Ayşe Akalın: Thank you for sharing your time with us, Aviation Turkey. We hope to visit and see more Jetex facilities around the world, soon

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