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Keyvan Aviation Inks Cooperation Deal with GE Aerospace

Issue 14 - 2022
Keyvan Aviation Inks Cooperation Deal with GE Aerospace

Providing the first and only approved aviation and navigation database service in Türkiye and the fourth in the world, Keyvan Aviation signed an agreement with the world's giant avionic system manufacturer General Electric (GE) Aerospace. The opening speech of the signing ceremony held at the 13th Istanbul Airshow was delivered by the Acting Director General of DGCA, Prof. Kemal Yüksek. Keyvan Aviation will offer the aeronautical and navigation database, analyzed and developed in line with Türkiye's National Technology Movement Strategy, to all airlines and operators using GE Aerospace's Flight Management System.

In his speech at the signing ceremony held at the 13th International Civil Aviation & Airports Exhibition & Aviation Industry Supply Chain Platform (Istanbul Airshow 2022), Keyvan Aviation CEO & Founder Mehmet Keyvan said, "We consolidated our position among the countries providing a certified aviation and navigation database by getting approval from EASA in February 2022. We are shaking hands with GE Aerospace to serve all airlines and operators using GE Aerospace's Flight Management System. We offer competitive pricing, better payment method, 24/7 customer service, and tailor-made solutions for every need without being limited to the required standards. We aim to contribute to the local economy by supporting Türkiye-based airlines and operators, as well as civil and military helicopter and aircraft operators with local products and services, and to bring export income to our country by offering our services to other countries. Having a certified training system enables us to prepare our work at the highest standards worldwide.".

Tawfic Hammad, Commercial Director, GE Aerospace EMEA, said, "We are happy to cooperate with Keyvan Aviation and to support the efforts to create innovative navigation database capabilities for the Turkish aviation industry. I would like to thank Keyvan Aviation CEO & Founder Mehmet Keyvan and his entire team for their excellent efforts in this process. We wish Keyvan Aviation great success in the future and hope that our business relationship as Keyvan and GE Aerospace will continue for many years."

The 'navigation database,' which was processed by KEYVAN Aviation and required extensive R&D, contains more than 26,000 airports, 33,000 runways, airlines, navigational aids, waypoints, and procedures, and restricted and prohibited areas. Data processing and quality controls are carried out according to the international standard ED-76A (D0-200B} and ED-77 (D0-201B), while data requirements are provided in accordance with EU Regulation 2017/373 and EASA Type 1 DAT Provider Certificate, which only 4 companies in the world have. Keyvan Aviation implements Data Quality Requirements (DQR) and Aviation Information Processing Procedures to process the data and create the final version of the ARINC 424 database. Each update goes through the quality system to ensure it meets EU Regulation 2017/373 as well as RTCA D0-200 and EUROCAE ED-76, and the final result contains the most up-to-date, complete, and reliable information available according to government publications.

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