MAI's Cargo was -Digitalized by Hitit
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MAI's Cargo was -Digitalized by Hitit

Issue 16 - 2023
MAI's Cargo was -Digitalized by Hitit

Myanmar Airways International (MAI) has broadened its cooperation with Hitit and started receiving services from Hitit for its cargo business and operations. Hitit, one of the world's largest PSS technology providers, is working hard to bring the same level of success to air cargo. MAI, which since April 2021 has been carrying out all its scheduled flight operations with Crane software solutions now includes digitized cargo operations, initiated with Hitit.

Atilla Lise, Hitit's Chief Transportation Solutions Officer, stated that by freeing MAI from the manual element in cargo processes; Hitit brought speed and agility to the airline – enabling MAI to be competitive in terms of air cargo business soon: "Our cargo solution, which we started developing in Q4 2019, is now an important member of the Crane family. En-route to offering the most comprehensive and complete air cargo operation solution, we have addressed airlines’ domestic and international cargo operational needs. Our solutions offer end-to-end technology that touch all operational stages from cargo acceptance to final delivery. 

The pandemic has been a pivotal point, and airlines have now realized how crucial it is to ensure operational continuity by diversifying their business models. Hitit has been able to offer airlines two different opportunities.  The first is to combine cargo operators’ manual processes with technology; the second is to open the doors of a new operation for airlines that previously flew only passengers. In the post-pandemic process, we will continue to bring airlines together with the technology that the industry really needs." 

Tanes Kumar, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) said: “Myanmar Airways International (MAI) is delighted to expand our cooperation with Hitit with the launch of Crane.CGO solution for our cargo business, as we continue to focus on digital solutions which enable us to be ever more efficient and effective in the marketplace. Despite the challenges, we are pleased with the successful cutover and implementation of the solution within 6-months of its start date.”

Tanes also added “Crane.CGO will be a crucial enabler for our cargo business, allowing us to accelerate our growth while improving our customer service by covering our cargo business functions extensively and aligning our end-to-end business processes. Furthermore, we have ambitious plans to continue to invest in our cargo business post-pandemic; hence, the rollout of this solution will allow us to remain nimble in this competitive area.”

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