myTECHNIC: Centrally Located in the Heart of Aviation
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myTECHNIC: Centrally Located in the Heart of Aviation

Issue 18 - 2023
myTECHNIC: Centrally Located in the Heart of Aviation

myTECHNIC has started its operations in 2008. Its name was chosen to emphasize its purely third-party business plan, putting the customer airline in priority. Its full capacity is dedicated to the customers.

As world’s first Lean Greenfield MRO, myTECHNIC is located at Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (SAW) on the Asian side of Istanbul, Turkey. This advantageous geographical location between Europe and Asia makes myTECHNIC ideally suited to serve domestic partners as well as global carriers in Europe, CIS, Middle East, and Africa. 

Designed on the principles of Lean Management, myTECHNIC accomplishes time saving and effective MRO service options ranging from airframe maintenance to engine & component overhaul and to aircraft painting. 

myTECHNIC can give support for additional services such as structural & composite inspections and repairs, modifications, access to spares, cabin interior maintenance services. 

myTECHNIC is approved by Turkish Civil Aviation Authority (DGCA) and received its EASA Part 145 Approval Certificate in 2008. myTECHNIC holds several civil aviation authority approvals including FAA (USA), UK CAA, CAAC (China), Bermuda DCA and many others. 

State-of-the art facility

•The largest third-party MRO facility in Turkey with a total closed area of 48,400 m² and one of its kind in the region with a 15,788 m² hangar area, 12,115 m² office area and 20,500 m² warehouse and shop area under one roof. 

• Engine MRO

• Strong Component Shops

• World’s first LEAN Greenfield MRO, where the lean approach is infused into every aspect: from the design and layout of the facility to the organizational structure and throughout the operation.

Cost effective and transparent

Since foundation in 2008, Lean Management principles have nested best practices of productivity and safety, eliminating waste of space, movement and time in myTECHNIC. It is continuously worked on extending corporate responsibility areas for environment, increasing satisfaction, minimizing costs and turnaround time for partners. The flexible hangar management concept ensures that there is sufficient buffer to compensate non-routine findings with pre-given TAT.

A new goal: convenience

Starting from the top management, the company culture is well-aware of the importance of customer experience. There are less barriers and more flexibility, thanks to this decade long journey of more than 100 different airlines and lessors. The goal is common, to redeliver keeping the 3 pillars of quality, TAT and price up and strong. But working on projects from more than 50 different countries brought a new goal: the convenience.

Customers of myTECHNIC experience nothing but convenience. Between the ferry flights, at the hotel, at our customer centric facilities, a flexible MRO management system which provide full visibility until the very end of the project bring this convenience. The unique and primary attribute in this “anyone’s” MRO facility.

Being part of a third-party MRO, our teams are very well-aware and concerned about customer satisfaction and transparent information flow. From the contracting phase, until the end of contract, a dedicated team is assigned to our customers to follow the best practices in project management.

A very experienced structural team, integrated paint facilities brought a great advantage especially during heavy and end of lease checks. The interior performance and new capabilities towards the perfect cabin are improving every day. Even though Part-21 and DOA approvals are not in place, the outsourcing of such capabilities when needed works perfectly. 

The motto is simple. We treat the most important asset of the airline as if they are our own. And we imagine ourselves earning our wages not by man-hours, but the tickets sold and timely and reliable flights made. And most of all, we learn from our mistakes and maintain a company-wide culture of open communication. It needs some fortitude to act as such, but our returning customers greatly pay back. We are keen to offer not only a proposal of services, but myTECHNIC becoming the MRO Partner.

myTECHNIC Component Shops 

• Compressed Cylinder and Regulator (Hydrostatic) Shop (hydrostatic testing, maintenance, repair and overhaul of compressed gas cylinders such as but not limited to: slide bottles, oxygen bottles, fire extinguishers (Halon 1211, 1301))

• Hydraulic Shop (inspection, repair and overhaul for the hydraulic components such as fuse, swivel, valve, actuators)

• Emergency Equipment Shop (maintenance, repair and overhaul for escape slides, life rafts and life vests)

• Wheel and Brake Shop (inspect, test, repair and overhaul of various types of wheels (nose and main) and brakes (carbon and steel) which require frequent maintenance and replacement services)

• Electrical and Electronical Shop (maintenance, repair and overhaul of the aircraft avionic components such as temperature sensors, thermal switches, headphones/headsets, BUS protection panels, main batteries, battery chargers, coffee makers, hot cups, megaphones, ELTs, smoke detectors, ballast, battery power supplies, ovens, ILS control panels, audio selector panels, strobe lights, logo lights, GCU, etc.)

• Cabin Interior (cabin interior repair on furnishing, lining, galley & toilets, sews carpets, dress covers, etc.)

• Tailor Shop (overlocking and sewing of the carpets, curtains, headrest covers, etc.)

• Coating Shop (coating of a wide range of aerospace parts such as but not limited to: sidewall panels, ceiling panels, etc. Heat and Vacuum Applicators (HVA) machines are used)

• Structural and Composite Repair Shop (equipped with bending, cutting, drilling machines)

• Painting and Cleaning Shop

Specialised Services Maintenance

• Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Services

myTECHNIC NDT Shop is ASNT Corporate Partner

NDT inspections all around the world with latest technological control devices and NDT NDT Level III consulting services

Technical support in six NDT methods with Level II & III specialists







• Welding Services

• Borescope Inspections

• Tap Test (Coin Tapping)

• Painting Services

Full aircraft painting including livery application with both paint removal options, rub down (sand) or chemical stripping 

Industry standards and best practices are followed and the highest quality painting standards available today are ensured 

Experienced with all leading paint system manufacturers’ paint systems such as solid based, base coat/clear coat and mica series

High gloss and low orange peel performance criteria are reached at every project Bare metal inspections are carried out with immediate action with less influence on the target TAT 

• Structural and Composite Repairs

All SRM and OEM radome repairs with hot bonder (EASA Form One can be issued) 

Fuselage skin replacement (If requires aircraft can be supported in a jig position)

All SRM or OEM slat, flap, spoiler, etc. structural and composite (with hot bonder) repairs (EASA Form One can be issued)

Vapor Barrier composite and structural repairs

Repair or manufacturing (from raw material) of the composite floor panels

Flight Compartment Window Number #1 and #3 Frame Cracking repairs (SB 737-53-1303, SB 737-53-1330, SB 737-53-1336, SB 737-53-1345) 

FWD and AFT cargo door outer skin replacement

Seat track SRM or OEM repairs

Stone chip damages evaluations and doubler repairs if required

Horizontal stabilizer lower skin crack repairs 

FWD and AFT cargo compartment Zee channel side plate replacement 

Pylon Strut modification 

Keel Beam crack repairs 

Rib 5 corrosion repairs

Winglet modifications and repairs

Fail Safe Strap modifications

• Cabin Modifications

Reconfiguration of the cabin of Boeing 777-300ER aircraft from 38J/274Y to 540Y configuration

Reconfiguration from 282 two-class passenger to a common 336 single-class passenger configuration

Removal of galleys, closets, VCC (Video Control Center)

Opening-up new windows after removals

Installation of sidewalls and overhead bins

Changing the layout and adding new seats

Adjusting Emergency Path Light, NTF and carpet for the new layout

Adding DCPS (DC Power Supply), OEU (Overhead Electronics Unit) and PSU (Passenger Service Unit) for new seats and adjusting IFE (In-Flight Entertainment System) accordingly

• Avionic Modifications

Wifi Modification

AFIRS (Automated Flight Information Reporting System) Modification

Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Installation

Zonal Dryer Modification

Inflight Entertainment System Installation

MRR/ILS Modification

CPDLC Modification

ADS-B Out Modification

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