myTECHNIC’s Synchronous Growth and Success with Turkey
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myTECHNIC’s Synchronous Growth and Success with Turkey

Issue 1 - 2019
myTECHNIC’s Synchronous Growth and Success with Turkey

It has been 11 years since myTECHNIC started its operations on the Asian side of Istanbul at Sabiha Gokcen Airport. At that time, the myTECHNIC hangar building was the first biggest investment, after the construction of the runway at Sabiha Gokcen Airport; all other maintenance centers were constructed years after myTECHNIC.

myTECHNIC has demonstrated how promising the project would be, right from the start by successfully completing construction within only 18 months. It is the first Lean Greenfield MRO in the world, a state-of-the art facility building with a hangar area of 16,000 sqm, an office area of 12,115 sqm and a 24,800 sqm warehouse, in addition to a 6,000 sqm engine shop area, in total 60,000 sqm under one roof.

myTECHNIC received certifications in August 2008 for EASA Part 145 and Turkish Civil Aviation Authority (DGCA) with SHY/ JAR 145/EASA, and since then myTECHNIC achieved the completion of planned heavy maintenance for 1,150 aircraft from 150 different airlines throughout 50 different countries.

The company decided from the onset that their vision was to become the #1 MRO in the region (Middle East, Europe, Near East, CIS and Northern Africa) for aircraft made by Airbus and Boeing. To achieve this they accomplished their mission by adhering to local and international regulatory requirements.

myTECHNIC is a customer-centered organization ensures a focus on the following points;

• High standardization, quality and safety in all hangar and support operations

• Flexible and cost-effective solutions for all customers

• Complete transparency in relationships with customers

• A wide range of products and services

• The best value for the money

• Quick turnaround times (TAT) that fully meet customer expectations

• A culture of continuous development that emerged with the application of Lean Management Principles

• Growth and employment opportunities for the Turkish Aviation Industry

Continuous Improvement

myTECHNIC aims to achieve continuous development by combining Lean Management principles with the best practices in aviation. Lean implementation is an all-inclusive approach that covers all production elements from strategy to the production environment in the workshop. Implementing and adapting the Lean concept to the aircraft maintenance process is not as simple as in production facilities with fixed and standard production processes. An aircraft maintenance center produces a large amount of variability and wastage, such as in a rough installation / disassembly facility. It is quite difficult to identify processes with added value, but it is relatively easy to identify wastes. Beyond the common usage, the Lean Philosophy defines waste as something that the customer does not want to give in return and has no added value for the customer.

The Lean approach focuses on the reduction of eight types of waste to improve overall customer value such as Transportation, Inventory, Motion, Waiting, Over-production, Processing itself, Defective Product and Unused Creativity

By eliminating all kinds of waste, costs are reduced in all phases of production, flexibility increases, customer satisfaction rises, and targeted revenues multiply. MyTECHNIC is fully aware that their most important responsibility is customer satisfaction. Therefore, an environment is designed in which all operators can focus on their work and create value for the customer. MyTECHNIC will continuously work toward improving its operations and search for new ways to create more value for its customers.

What type of services and solutions does myTECHNIC Provide?

MyTECHNIC aims to be a “one stop solution provider” for its customers, conveniently offering a wide range of services to customers;

Base Maintenance

myTECHNIC offers heavy aircraft maintenance services in their hangar for;


B737-All series



B 777-200/300

MD 80 Series



A319/320/ (CEO and NEO) /321


Capabilities for airframe maintenance include; Scheduled ‘C’ checks, Structural inspection and / or repair, Modification on the aircraft, engine and related systems, Defect rectification / major component change, Corrosion prevention and control program applications, Cabin modifications / refurbishment and conversion of cabin interiors, Aircraft weighing, Dismantling and painting of aircraft, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Line Maintenance Services

myTECHNIC attaches great importance to reliability and timely departures in their line maintenance stations. They offer all the services that customers need to deliver the aircraft in an efficient and timely manner.

Currently line maintenance services are provided in Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, Istanbul Airport and Antalya International Airport.

Engine Maintenance Services

myTECHNIC’s Engine Services division offers exceptional maintenance for their customer’s engines. With more than 10 years of experience they have supported millions of engine flight hours. More than 90 engines have been through their engine shop, and customers continue to rely on myTECHNIC as their engine service provider, experiencing reliable partnership service for non-stop flight operations.

GE CF6 - 80C2 Engines

myTECHNIC customers are fully involved in every step of optimized engine work scope preparation and revision; Top-case repairs, CRF Oil leak repair, HPT repairs, Modular replacement for a quick TAT, AD-SB application, Performance Restorations and Full O/H.

GE CF6-50 Engines

With expertise in end-of-life solutions for sunset engines, myTECHNIC enables customers get the maximum life out of their CF6-50: Top-case repairs and VSV bushing replacements, HPT refurbishments, LPT stg.3 disk replacements, Limited work scopes with option to convert the work scope to teardown if the required material costs exceed the expected life of the engine.

Component Maintenance Services

Thanks to the accumulated expertise of their highly qualified technicians, myTECHNIC has developed unique know-how in component repair & overhaul. With large operational capability they offer test, repair and overhaul services for parts on a time & material or flat rate base.

The current ratings for component maintenance are C1, C3, C5, C6, C7, C12, C14, C17, C18, C20

The Shops are; Wheel & Brakes, Batteries, Avionics, Emergency Equipment, Mechanical Components, Oxygen / fire bottles / Masks and regulator, Structural / Composite Components and Cabin Equipment / Sidewall Coating

myACADEMY, a milestone for the industry

Trusting in their own technical strength and being aware of trained technical staff and engineers constitute very serious potential and with this understanding, myTECHNIC established myACADEMY to place more weight on technical training, aviation and space technologies trainings with a project-based approach instead of a customer-based approach. myACADEMY ‘s priority is to focus on online training, 147 basic and 147 types of specialized training and R&D projects.

10th Anniversary

Last year the company celebrated their 10th anniversary. All of their partners and collaborators were invited to attend an event at which the following words were shared by the company’s founder Mr Cizmeci; “We trusted our country, our people, our technical knowledge. In order to be independent, we believed the necessity of having our own power. We believed the future is in the skies, we did not dread, we worked. From China to Europe, Africa to Russia and Middle Asia; we had the authorization from the governments of many countries. In 10 years, we completed the maintenance of 1,000 aircraft and engines. We look toward the future with belief and trust. We are proud and joyful”

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