Onur Engineering Increases Safety
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Onur Engineering Increases Safety

Issue 1 - 2019
Onur Engineering Increases Safety
in Air Traffic Control and Management Sector with its Communication Solutions

Onur Engineering with over 39 years of accumulated expertise in voice communication systems aims to contribute much more to Turkey’s civil aviation industry.

Onur is specialized in 4 main fields, comprising IP Based voice communication and recording systems, mobile air tower control systems, network enabled communication systems and cyber security solutions.

Onur has been a very motivated player in the communications sector with dedicated R&D activities. With its separate Research and Development Center, Onur is continuously engaged in collaborative product development efforts while contributing to international standardization efforts within EUROCONTROL and EUROCAE working groups.

For the civil aviation industry Onur provides value added software development, mission critical communication systems design, complex voice communication applications, adaptation of legacy radio and telephony systems into IP networks, operator consoles, voice and data communication and recording systems, radio over IP (RoIP) systems, IP over Radio (IPoR) systems, voice over IP (VOIP) systems, training and simulation systems, and mobile air control tower systems.

Onur is a permanent member of EUROCAE Working Group (WG)-67, who defined the first Voice Over IP (VoIP) in Air Traffic Management standard and is working in close cooperation with EUROCONTROL, industry and Air Navigational Service Providers (ANSPs). Additionally, Onur takes part EUROCAE WG-105 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), tasked to develop standards and guidance documents for the safe operation of UAS in all types of airspace, at all times and for all types of operations.

Beyond its presence in EUROCACE WG’s, Onur also participates in The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Interoperability Event to determine the industry’s readiness level in interoperability as per ED-137 C standard.

As a company, it not only delivers projects to the defence sector, but also to the civilian market. Onur consistently meets and maintains the high standards of air traffic control and management, knowing that clear voice communication between the tower and aircraft is a crucial element for safe air traffic control and management operations. Considering that air traffic controllers need systems with a high level of functionality as well as efficient and easy to use human machine interfaces (HMI). Onur designs user friendly operator consoles and interfaces, paying close attention to operator evaluation reports.

When we look at the key trends in the evaluation of aeronautical communications, we can see widespread implementation of ground communication network based on distributed IP technologies to enable network centric architectures and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) supporting communications.

Onur’s products, end to end IP Based Voice Communication and Recording System (VCS&VRS) are completely compliant to the VoIP ATM System Operational and Technical Requirement (ED 136), Interoperability Standards for VoIP ATM components (ED 137 B) and Network Requirements and Performance for VoIP ATM systems (ED 138) and therefore can be regarded as a responsive solution to address key trends.

In addition to complete coverage in the defense sector, Onur’s VCS&VRS systems are now serving the Turkish ANSP DHMI (General Directorate of State Airports Authority). After the planned delivery of 7 new systems Onur’s solutions will be present in 11 airports in Turkey.

Onur always been a strong believer in the importance of closely following industry needs. Therefore, it has been a permanent participant at the annual World Air Traffic Management Congress. As the only Turkish company at this year’s Congress in Madrid, which was held in March, Onur had the opportunity to present its capabilities to a global audience and share its vision with the decision makers in the civil aviation sector. By participating in this event, Onur also discern the dynamics of the sector from a technological and operational perspective.

At this year’s congress Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM) and Remote-Control Towers were on the agenda.

At the congress around 60 companies and organizations with an interest in UTM held exhibitions and 40 presentations/discussion events were held on UTM issues. The UTM concept in summary deals with how airspace will be managed to enable multiple UAS operations to be conducted beyond the visual line-of-sight (BVLOS), where air traffic services are not provided and/or how to provide cooperative interaction between drone operators and the ANSPs to determine and communicate real-time airspace status.

ANSPs are trying to develop appropriate communication performance standards for UTM systems, and it’s clear that soon it will be important for drone communications solutions to be capable of sending information over long distances. Because of this it is unlikely drones will be able to support normal means of communication, such as VHF and other cooperative surveillance systems as aircraft.

Since integration of unmanned aerial systems to manned civil airspace is going to be the next big focus in our sector, Onur has decided to participate in these efforts in its own areas of expertise. Onur is the only company with a dedicated Voice Communication and Recording Solution developed especially with Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) and Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAS) applications in mind.

As a UAV/RPAS Radio IP Gateway product developer and with its experience in UAV Ground Control Station Communication and Airborne Radio Gateway Solution; Onur is now the best candidate to work on developing a drone communication system for UTM. Onur can also carry its Network Enabled Communication Systems expertise forward into this field and work on how its wireless network devices can be integrated to drones and be used as a backbone of communication.

Moreover, when we consider the strong trend toward centralized air traffic control centers managing multiple small to large airports from a central facility; Onur systems with an end-to-end IP architecture, compatible for network centric architectures is also regarded as a complete communication solution for Remote Tower Applications.

Onur intends to remain a key player in aviation communication applications and will be announcing several new capabilities in the area of voice communications with a strong emphasis on security in voice communications.

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