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The Latest version of Daher’s “Me & My TBM” Application was Unveiled

Issue 17 - 2023
The Latest version of Daher’s “Me & My TBM” Application was Unveiled

Application brings new capabilities and usability for this cloud-based app that is employed by an increasing number of TBM turboprop-powered aircraft owners and operators.

This application, which originally was introduced by Daher in 2018, leverages the company’s big data expertise to collect, process and analyze more than four million data points generated each day by the TBM in-service fleet. Through its evolution during the past five years, Daher has continually enhanced the Me & My TBM app’s capability for flight monitoring, furthering the ability of pilots to improve their flying skills – while also introducing sustainability features through eco-efficiency tracking.Among the app’s main improvements are its enhanced readability, which was achieved by incorporating larger text, design enrichments and better pictorial presentations. Additionally, Version 6 introduces new flexibility that supports its use by multiple pilots while tracking their specific flights – addressing the needs of fleet operators, flight departments and aircraft renters.In encouraging TBM pilots to further develop their airmanship, this Me & My TBM version now enables aviators to log flights that involve multiple landings – which is a particularly powerful tool for instructors during flight training debriefings. The application also can generate compliance reports based on the TBM’s stabilized approach criteria (SAC). Another new feature is the ability to identify the specific types of flights: private or business trips, training, maintenance, or ferry missions.

In addition to the various technical improvements, Version 6 of the Me & My TBM app opens the possibility for automatic data transfer to other popular cloud-based applications, such as the CloudAhoy data-driven post-flight debriefing tool and the FlySto software for the processing of avionics log files.

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