Uzakrota Focusing Especially on Germany and the European Region
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Uzakrota Focusing Especially on Germany and the European Region

Issue 12 - 2022
Uzakrota Focusing Especially on Germany and the European Region

Established by Gökhan Erdoğan in 2010, Uzakrota has two centers in the United States and Turkey. Since the day it was founded, it has brought together the big names of the industry, various players such as online travel agencies, airline companies, hotels, technological startup companies, accommodation investors, technology companies come together; shares events, predictions, insights from their own perspectives, and evaluates possible cooperation opportunities. Farrota makes a great contribution to world tourism by bringing together leading names, bright minds and professionals through panels, hosting promising successful companies in the booth area, and making the big players in the same booth accessible to everyone. The partnerships established at the Uzakrota summits are increasing day by day and continue to make a name for themselves.

In the past, in addition to the regional and global summits and award ceremonies in big cities such as Berlin, London, New York, Belgrade, Athens and Istanbul, 3 regional and 2 global online summits held at the time of closure, the uncertainty of the future, the predictions of the leaders, during the historical recession of the sector and managed to become the channel needed to minimize it with its foresights. Taking the opportunity to reduce the restrictions, it quickly returned to its missed face-to-face activities in 2022. It held two successful summits in Belgrade and Berlin in April, and the planning of the Baku and Istanbul events, which will take place towards the end of the year, continues.

Over the years, new brands have been added under the roof of Uzakrota. While Checkin By Uzakrota focuses on the events held in the Balkans, the Departure Travel Summit, which is held in partnership with COOR TRR, aims to take the success of Uzakrota to the next level by focusing especially on Germany and the European region.

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