Vizyon Aviation Certain to Soar
in a Dynamic Sector Providing Valuable Products and Services
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Vizyon Aviation Certain to Soar in a Dynamic Sector Providing Valuable Products and Services

Issue 1 - 2019
Vizyon Aviation Certain to Soar
in a Dynamic Sector Providing Valuable Products and Services

In the last 15 years, while the global aviation sector has achieved nearly 6% growth, Turkey has performed at a growth rate of about 16% in the same field during this process and it has not yet reached the saturation point. Considering performance criteria such as the number of active airports open to civil traffic, the number of wide-body aircraft, the number of countries with air transport agreements, the number of passengers carried and the number of people employed in the sector, our country has grown systematically every year. The turnover of the sector reached nearly US$ 21 billion from US$ 2.2 billion over the last 15 years.

Vizyon Aviation started to perform activities in the aviation industry in 2014 with high added value services that are a recognized necessity throughout the world. High value-added operations such as pilot training, air taxi and hangar operation have been carried out in a manner worthy of our country. Vizyon Aviation is designed to be one of the important actors of the sector and is a company that bears our national values which are of importance especially in the current conjuncture.

As one of the companies of Çam Group, the vision of Vizyon Aviation was set forth by combining years of experience, know-how and prospective initiatives and it has become a corporate company that has been progressively developing in the aviation sector.

Vizyon Aviation made a giant hangar investment at the Ankara Esenboğa General Aviation terminal, during the period when making investments was more valuable and the hangar was put it into service in October 2018. Vizyon Aviation has begun to make agreements with local and foreign businesses for new service opportunities and has been delivering services in its hangar with the latest generation equipment for about 7 months now.

Vizyon Aviation effectively incorporates many skills and competencies with systematic investment plans and programs based on service items that are currently needed in our country. Some capabilities include Air Taxi Services, 7/24 Business Jet and light aircraft hangar services, AOC (Air Operator Certificate) services, PPL (Private Pilot License) and ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) training with its ATO (Approved Training Organization) authorization at its own academy. In addition, the fully equipped SHY-145 Approved Maintenance Agency authorization is currently in the midst of the DGCA approval process. With this authorization, which is to be obtained soon, the aim is to deliver maintenance services to third parties and to establish Vizyon Technic within the next 3 years and for it to become one of Turkey’s considerable aircraft maintenance organizations.

Vizyon Aviation’s inventory includes the following aircraft: 1 Bell 429, 5 Cessna 172S Skyhawks, 3 Gyrocopters, 1 Guimbal Cabri G2, 2 CC11 - 160 Carbon Cub SSs, 2 Piper Seminoles and 1 Piper Arrow.

Headquartered in Ankara, Vizyon Aviation also has an office in Kandilli/Istanbul. In order become one of the esteemed pilot training institutions in the short and medium term, to meet the needs of domestic aviation pilots, the company has also started to collaborate with allied countries alongside domestic airlines in order to train pilots.

In addition, cooperation agreements are being made with many universities which already have or intended to have educational programs in aviation. Agreements are being signed based on business models to be carried out through joint programs for theoretical and flight training, which are the two components of pilot training.

The facilities leased from DHMI are used at Cappadocia Airport for flight training. Within the scope of the cooperation agreement to be signed with Cappadocia University, different approaches will be used in flight training.

According to ICAO data and aircraft sales statistics, there will be a need for approximately 800,000 pilots globally by 2035, and our country will need 7,000 commercial pilots in the next 5 years. Vizyon Aviation has the expertise and competencies to meet such stringent requirements with the best quality and the fastest approach; impressively the company has already started its international initiatives to bring students from abroad.

For pilot training services, negotiations continue especially with Gulf countries to bring students to Turkey in order to provide training. It is known that the biggest problem in the sector is pilot deficiency and that the number of trainer pilots inevitably decreases in response to the increasing need for training. This has been discussed with the academies under the auspices of the DGCA and medium and long-term solutions are being explored. Considering the pilot needs of airline companies, this issue is a critical one that needs to be resolved with the participation of all stakeholders.

Vizyon Aviation will continue to invest in the aviation sector, a dynamic sector which has high value products and services and one which provides critical added value to our country’s level of prosperity and well-being.

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