VOLUME 2 - ISSUE 9 - YEAR 2021

Airbus and Partners Target More Energy Eficient Flights
Columbia Helicopters Wins Turkey Firefighting Contract
Pioneering Turkish Airspace in 1924: Swiss pilot Walter Mittelholzer’s amazing journey from Zurich to Tehran
Airbus’ new Single-Aisle Airspace Cabin Enters into Service with Lufthansa Group
The Transportation Vehicle of the Future, Cezeri
Rolls-Royce UltraFan Power Gearbox Tops World Aerospace Record
Is It A Dream To Fly Faster Than Sound Again?
Turkish Space Agency President YILDIRIM: “Those not having any trace in space have no say in the world!”
Collins Aerospace Unveils Lilac-UV, a New Sanitizing Light Solution for Aircraft interiors
Kownatzki; We replaced plastic products on all of our international flights with sustainable alternatives made of wood or paper.
Istanbul Airport pledges to achieve “Zero Carbon Emission” by 2050
Thales Has Begun the Flight Test Campaign for the FlytX Avionics Suite
Exploring Mars Inch By Inch With An Autonomous Helicopter!
Boeing and TUSAŞ Sign Deal for Boeing 737 Engine Cover Production
How Did Lukashenko Risk the National Airline?
Rolls Royce’s All-Electric ‘Spirit of Innovation’ Takes to the Skies for the First Time
Gulfstream G500 Interior Earns International Yacht & Aviation Award For Design Excellence

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