VOLUME 2 - ISSUE 9 - YEAR 2021

Airbus and Partners Target More Energy Eficient Flights
Istanbul Airport pledges to achieve “Zero Carbon Emission” by 2050
Columbia Helicopters Wins Turkey Firefighting Contract
Airbus’ new Single-Aisle Airspace Cabin Enters into Service with Lufthansa Group
Gulfstream G500 Interior Earns International Yacht & Aviation Award For Design Excellence
Is It A Dream To Fly Faster Than Sound Again?
The Transportation Vehicle of the Future, Cezeri
Pioneering Turkish Airspace in 1924: Swiss pilot Walter Mittelholzer’s amazing journey from Zurich to Tehran
Thales Has Begun the Flight Test Campaign for the FlytX Avionics Suite
Kownatzki; We replaced plastic products on all of our international flights with sustainable alternatives made of wood or paper.
Exploring Mars Inch By Inch With An Autonomous Helicopter!
Rolls Royce’s All-Electric ‘Spirit of Innovation’ Takes to the Skies for the First Time
Turkish Space Agency President YILDIRIM: “Those not having any trace in space have no say in the world!”
How Did Lukashenko Risk the National Airline?
Rolls-Royce UltraFan Power Gearbox Tops World Aerospace Record
Boeing and TUSAŞ Sign Deal for Boeing 737 Engine Cover Production
Collins Aerospace Unveils Lilac-UV, a New Sanitizing Light Solution for Aircraft interiors

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