A Peaceful  Oasis in a Crowd
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A Peaceful Oasis in a Crowd

Issue 21 - 2023
A Peaceful  Oasis in a Crowd

Returning from my memorable trip from Dubai, I was fortunate to experience the luxury of the Plaza Premium Lounge nestled within Dubai International Airport's Terminal 3.

From the moment I stepped inside, the lounge offered a serene escape from the airport's bustling ambiance. Its distinctive features include individual seating areas equipped with convenient plug sockets and inviting family suites. The Family Suites come with butler service and can accommodate a maximum of 6 guests. The spaciousness and thoughtful layout of the Plaza Premium Lounge, along with its well-appointed shower facilities, evoke the comfort reminiscent of a boutique hotel.

During my stay at the lounge, the morning spread was a delightful surprise. The breakfast selection boasted an array of options, both hot and cold, complemented by delectable sweet treats. The lounge didn't just stop at culinary indulgence; it also housed an elegantly designed bar area offering an assortment of high-quality coffee, tea, and an enticing selection of beverages.

And also high-speed free internet enables you to efficiently finish your tasks or assignments while comfortably waiting in the lounge before boarding.

The Plaza Premium Lounge, with its sophisticated ambiance and culinary offerings, was a haven of comfort and refinement amid the airport's energetic atmosphere.

The Plaza Premium experience encompasses over 300 service points spread across more than 90 airports in 35 countries worldwide. The upcoming opening of a new Plaza Premium Lounge at Abu Dhabi Airport will be a valuable addition to their already expansive network. I'm really looking forward to experiencing this lounge as well.

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