Behind the Scenes with  Singapore Airlines
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Behind the Scenes with Singapore Airlines

Issue 22 - 2024
Behind the Scenes with  Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines hosted Eskişehir Technical University students to offer them the opportunity to see behind the scenes of the aviation industry. Students had the opportunity to witness every stage of Singapore Airlines operations, from the arrival of the aircraft at the airport to baggage handling, check-in procedures, boarding process and a special visit to the A350-900 aircraft.

The day started with the students observing the arrival of the Singapore Airlines aircraft, and then the students observed first-hand the process from the moment the baggage was disembarked from the aircraft to the moment it was placed on the baggage belt. They then had a comprehensive briefing with the airport staff and learnt about the meticulous coordination required for a smooth airport operation.

Students learnt about check-in procedures and the intricacies of passenger services with Singapore Airlines. Before boarding the aircraft, they explored the state-of-the-art A350-900 aircraft and examined the features of the state-of-the-art technology product that defines Singapore Airlines' commitment to passenger comfort and technological innovation.

One of the highlights of the day was the distribution of certificates to the students, signifying their active participation and commitment to the aviation experience organised by Singapore Airlines. This not only symbolised their participation, but also signalled Singapore Airlines' commitment to contribute to the education of young talents interested in the aviation industry.

Singapore Airlines Turkey General Manager Hongyao Hu expressed Singapore Airlines' strong belief in the future of aviation in Turkey. He emphasised the importance of supporting and encouraging young aviation enthusiasts in the country. Hongyao Hu said, "Witnessing the enthusiasm and determination of these students once again vindicates our commitment to contribute to the development of aviation talent in Turkey. We see a promising future for the industry here and are honoured to play a role in nurturing the next generation of aviation professionals."

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