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SunExpress Signed an Agreement with Boeing to Accelerate its Growth

Issue 21 - 2023
SunExpress Signed an Agreement with Boeing to Accelerate its Growth

SunExpress, the joint venture of Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, has again chosen Boeing 737 MAX to continue its strong growth by expanding its fleet. SunExpress will more than double its fleet over the next decade with an order for up to 90 Boeing aircraft, announced at the 2023 Dubai Airshow. The agreement includes the purchase of 28 Boeing 737-8 and 17 737-10 aircraft and up to 45 737 MAX aircraft.

Commenting on the agreement, SunExpress CEO Max Kownatzki said: "Following its successful strategy in the post-pandemic period, SunExpress is preparing to accelerate its growth to meet market demand and have a wider impact internationally. We will more than double our fleet over the next decade, reaching a fleet of 150 aircraft by 2033. In addition, the addition of the 737-10, the newest 737 MAX aircraft with 230 seats, to our fleet will allow us to further strengthen our capacity. As SunExpress, we are strongly preparing for the future. While expanding our network with our highly fuel efficient and environmentally sustainable aircraft fleet, we will continue to contribute as Turkey's tourism ambassador."

"SunExpress' continued preference for the 737 MAX reflects confidence in the aircraft's ability to meet passenger demand to Turkey and other popular destinations," said Stan Deal, President and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. The 737 MAX is an aircraft that has proven itself in the SunExpress flight network by creating value with its unmatched fuel efficiency and performance."

Offering airlines high efficiency and route flexibility for short and medium-haul flights, the 737 MAX is ideal for SunExpress, a holiday airline. The 737-8 model aircraft, which can carry between 162 and 200 passengers depending on the configuration, offers a range of up to 6,480 km (3,500 nautical miles). The 737-10, the largest model of the 737 MAX, has a range of up to 5,740 km (3,100 nautical miles). The 737 MAX reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions by 20% compared to its predecessor aircraft models.

Offering direct connections between Europe and popular holiday destinations in Turkey and other countries, SunExpress continues to expand its fleet with Boeing 737 to support its strong growth. Flying to 175 destinations in 30 countries, the airline carried approximately 11 million passengers in 2022.

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