Business Class Experience with Emirates
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Muhammed Yılmaz

Business Class Experience with Emirates

Issue 3 - 2020
Business Class Experience with Emirates

I have experienced very enjoyable trips to attend the Dubai Airshow in Emirates Boeing 777-300 business class from Istanbul (IST) to Dubai (DXB) and then back to Istanbul (IST). Emirates First Class and Business Class passengers can take advantage of both the IGA Lounge and Fast Track services at Istanbul Airport. For Istanbul-Dubai flight number EK124, after arriving at Istanbul Airport about 3 hours before the flight and checking my luggage at the check-in counter, I had some rest at the IGA Lounge in order to destress before the flight. After taking my seat, 8A in the Business Class cabin of the Boeing 777-300, I realized that an extremely pleasant journey awaited me thanks to the welcoming champagne offered to me by the cabin supervisor, who had thought of almost everything for an enjoyable and comfortable trip. We were ready for the flight with snacks offered before the flight, and detailed information about the flight was provided and an interesting safety demo. After a taxi on the runway, we started our journey and left Istanbul under the rain-bearing clouds. From that moment, another new and wonderful presentation began. When the menu boards were delivered, the menu with a wide variety of foods made me feel that I was at a luxurious restaurant and I was flying at an altitude of 36 thousand feet. Apart from the beverage menu, a separate wine list, including a brief description from the sommelier about the grapes used for the hand selected wines was also delivered, which was an elegant detail. The availability of Turkish appetizers on the menu and the traditional tastes of Turkish cuisine such as eggplant with minced chicken were among the main dishes with options that were concrete evidence that the airline made every effort to increase service quality and satisfaction, by taking into account passenger profiles in the menu selection. The menu was enriched with delicate details such as dessert, a fruit platter and decadent chocolate. I thoroughly enjoyed the high level of comfort that the seats provided as are able to turn into full-flat beds, also an amenity kit consisting of quality products was provided, and an in-flight entertainment system with a wide variety content was available. The courteous service continued with other special details combined with the sumptuous taste of the meal. The in-cabin lighting system that illuminates a starry night atmosphere in the cabin while the passengers were resting, and sleeping was proof that all nuances were considered for the comfort of the passengers. Emirates is a global airline that employs many Turkish pilots and cabin crews. As per the company policy, Emirates makes an effort to provide a cabin attendant who is a citizen of the country of departure on its flights. This is both a thoughtful detail for passengers to express themselves and to feel more relaxed communicating when needed, and it is undoubtedly a smart move that makes it easier to understand the necessary announcements onboard. On both of my flights there was a Turkish cabin crew member, including a senior cabin supervisor who has been with Emirates for 22 years on my departing flight and there was a cabin attendant who recently took office on my returning flight. I have to say that they represent Turkey very well and are very successful and competent in their work. After a pleasant journey of about 4 hours and 15 minutes, I exited the 777 which landed in Dubai and started walking through the spacious corridors of Dubai Airport. I was excited to experience another service element that is provided by Emirates, which aims to offer travel comfort to its passengers not only on the aircraft and in the sky, but also in the city. After I received my luggage following the passport check, I followed the signs in the airport and reached the center of the Emirates Chauffeur Drive, which Emirates offers to First and Business Class passengers. The time between giving my boarding pass to the staff at the service counter, waiting for the procedures to be completed and getting on the road was shorter than I could have imagined. In order to use the Emirates private chauffeur service, after completing your flight reservation, you must make a reservation by entering your address with your PNR number, the address you will arrive to from the airport after landing, and your departing address for your return trip. You are given a lift by luxury vehicles to your destination and you are transported to the airport by considering the distance of the address you give to the airport and traffic conditions. So, you are able to indulge in the comfort of Emirates in a way that also covers your airport transportation as well. Your private driver, who takes you to the airport for your return flight, leaves you at a different gate than the ones for other passengers at the airport. At the counters which are very close to the gate where you enter the terminal, you take your boarding pass and check your luggage. Thus, if you want to shop at the airport, you do not need to carry your luggage. Then, you can quickly access the Emirates First Class and Business Class lounges and unwind before your journey. You can also go to the plane without experiencing the stress of boarding lines by using the special gates that open directly to your plane from the lounge. Emirates Airlines, based in Dubai, organizes 18 reciprocal flights per a week between Istanbul and Dubai, 11 of which are from/to Istanbul Airport and 7 of which are from/to Sabiha Gökçen Airport

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