General Information of the @Team
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General Information of the @Team

Issue 6 - 2020
General Information of the @Team

Our Mission

The @Team has come together with the aim of developing projects at home and around the world, reflecting its passion for aviation and space, with a team profile that proves that the aviation industry can appeal to people from all disciplines, regardless of their field of training.

Our Vision

The @Team underlines that everyone can seek their own future in the skies, with our team profile proving that the aviation industry can appeal to people from all disciplines regardless of their field of training, and at the same time, we aim to inspire fellow students with our ideas and projects, and encourage new creative ideas and new collaborations through an appropriate inspiring environment where are ideas free to soar.


Aviation and Space Clubs Publicity Project Mission

In Aviation Turkey magazine, the Aviation and Space Clubs Publicity Project, designed by the @Team, aims to support the activities of relevant clubs, prepare an environment for new collaborations at home and around the world by developing global relations between such clubs and to directly reach student clubs that are an important part of the aviation industry by addressing the aviators of future and aviation & space lovers, in order to contribute to the recognition of such clubs worldwide.


General Introduction of the @Team

Hi All!

We’re three young people who have hearts beating in tune with aviation, and we’re up to something exciting! Our mission, which brings us together in the footsteps of our mentor Can Erel, is to develop projects at home and around the world and to create cooperation within the industry, reflecting our passion for aviation and space, with a team profile that demonstrates that the aviation industry can appeal to people from all disciplines, no matter what their professional field is.

Our first stop is the Aviation and Space Clubs Publicity Project designed by the @Team in Aviation Turkey magazine. Our primary goal in this project is to draw attention to the fact that the activities of clubs, in whatever field, during student life, considerably pave the way for the social and cultural development of students and help them to become productive individuals, exploring their innovative ideas. The overall objective of this project is to support the activities of aviation and space clubs, to develop global relations between these types of clubs and to prepare the environment for new connections and collaborations at home and around the world.  We aspire to directly reach out to student clubs that are an important part of the aviation industry, addressing the aviators of the future and aviation & space lovers, in order to contribute to the recognition of such clubs worldwide. Therefore, on our journey as the @Team, our vision, which evolved with the Aviation and Space Clubs Publicity Project, we emphasize that everyone can seek their own future in the skies, and we exemplify this through our team profile as the aviation industry appeals to people from all disciplines regardless of their field of training. We look forward to inspiring our fellow students, whom we will reach out to with our ideas and projects, and we are eager to encourage new creative ideas and new collaborations in an inspiring environment where our ideas are free to soar.

It is not possible to walk alone on this journey, and our aim is not just to walk. No matter what professional field we address, we are those who seek our futures in the skies, our hearts are in the air! If you want to see the promotion of your aviation and space club from your educational institution/academy in our world-class aviation magazine, please share your club contact information with us, and let’s prepare your content.  Our team would like to get to know you, and we’ll introduce you to the world in Aviation Turkey magazine!

Berra Nur Beşir - @Team Member, Publishing and Production


 Member Introductions

Yağmur was born on April 3, 1995 in Denizli. She graduated from Galatasaray High School in 2014 and from the department of Aeronautical Engineering at İTÜ in 2018. In the first year of university, she became the first scholar of the CAN’CA Scholarship of Success Program. During her university years, she took an active role in the İTÜ Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering Society and organized the society’s first iWOAW event. She served as the International Board Secretary of the European Association of Aerospace Students between 2016-2017. In her final year of university, she took part in the Very Light Aircraft project which was a joint student project of ITU and TAI and worked as part time engineer at Kale Arge. Yağmur GENÇOĞLU is continuing her master degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering at İTÜ and works as an Edison Engineer at General Electric Company and also participates in the @Team as their Team Leader.


Hande was born on May 7, 1996. In 2020, she graduated from the department of Aviation Management at OZU. She has been working at the OzU Simulator Center since she was a freshman. For 3 years during her academic life, she participated in various university campus jobs such as Enrolment and Promotion Days. Hande has been a member of the OZU Civil Aviation Club since 2015, and she also is the most recent president of the club. She completed her mandatory internship with the International Flight Training Center (IFTC) in her third year. Besides academic projects and studies, she has participated and worked supporting many events like TEKNOFEST, İSTANBUL AIR SHOW and Hub Seminar over the last two years. Under the auspices of the DGCA, she conducted a survey in 5 big cities in Turkey to establish Turkish Civil Aviation Academy (TCAA). She is also one of the owners of Unicorn Box Braids since 2016 and she manages the store during summer seasons. Hande ZEYDAN also continues her business life as an assistant simulator flight instructor and a start-up entrepreneur, as well as participating in the @Team as their Communications Executive.


Berra was born on August 25, 2000 in Samsun. She earned a degree in Comparative Literature from Eskişehir Osmangazi University in 2018. During her first year at university, she attended a preparation class in French. At the end of her first year, she earned the International French DELF Language Certificate from the Institut Français. At that time, she completed a short film project in French. After the preparation class, she completed her first year in the department with first degree and she earned the right of studying at the Sorbonne University in France for the year 2021. Therewithal, she joined her university’s Hezarfen Aeronautical and Astronautical Club and took an active role as the Events & Organizations Team Leader. Additionally, she took part as an actress in Samsun Youth Centre during her high school years and won the second prize in the theatre contest which is in the Samsun city. Now, Berra Nur BEŞİR plans to establish her carrier life in media & broadcasting and the art sector, she also participates with the @Team Publishing and Production Executive


Istanbul Technical University

Since it was founded in 1773 as an Imperial School, Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ) is the pioneering university of engineering and architecture with many innovative studies in science, technology, research and development. In addition to academics, İTÜ hosts 246 student clubs that give students opportunities to socialize.

Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics was founded in 1983 after holding its presence under other faculties of the university for years.  Chronologically the our faculty established the following programs: Aeronautical Engineering, Meteorological Engineering and Astronautical Engineering.

İTÜ – Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering Association

The Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering Association (UUMK) aims to provide students the opportunity to improve themselves both in technical and social ways by organizing and participating in the club activities and creating a center of excellence in higher education.

These activities can be both local and international thanks to our club being a member of EUROAVIA (European Association of Aerospace Students). Our members can take part in this international organization and build and widen their network and skills.

İTÜ – Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering Association Mission


We aim to bring a joy and love for aviation to our members and help them find their path to becoming future leaders in the aerospace sector. We organize technical trips, technical educations, seminars, panels and social events to contribute to their improvement, both technically and socially.

İTÜ – Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering Association Logo & Slogan

‘’Build the wings of your future!’’  


Board Members of İTÜ – Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering Association

President: Anıl Alaçam - Aeronautical Engineering 

Vice President: Beyza Çatalkaya - Meteorological Engineering

Secretary: Yadigar Yaren Şahin - Astronautical Engineering

Treasurer: Mete Düzgün - Astronautical Engineering

Event Manager: Bengisu Kaplan - Astronautical Engineering

R&D Manager: İrem Sezdi - Astronautical Engineering

PR Manager: Işılay Erdoğdu - Meteorological Engineering

Design Manager: Elif Eren - Aeronautical Engineering

International Contact Member: Çağın Emre - Astronautical Engineering

Executive Members: Gürkan Gür - Astronautical Engineering,

Zehra Kayış - Astronautical Engineering

The team also has a sub-committee which is autonomous for the organization of İTÜ Aviation Days and an advisory board which consists of three people.


Main Activities of İTÜ – Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering Association

İTÜ Aviation Days which is one of the biggest conferences about aviation in Turkey, combines sportive and sectoral aviation under the same roof.  During the event, aviation devotees, aerospace sector and aerial sports fans in our country gather up with ``Let the wind of aviation hurl you!`` motto. Every year, we welcome speakers from significant companies such as Turkish Aerospace Industry, NASA, Airbus, Boeing, Turkish Technic to the event.

We organize seminars to host well-known members of the aerospace sector. In our panels, we host people from different aviation sectors. Our Aviation Four in One Panel welcomes one fresh graduate, and people from academia, civil aviation and the defense industry. Our seminars and panels can be found on our YouTube channel.  (INSERT YOUTUBE CHANNEL LINK here)


Technical Events

We organize technical trips to companies in different branches of aviation in and out of town. During our trips, we get opportunities to see our future working environment, have an idea of how companies operate, to get knowledge about the current and future projects of companies. 

Model Aircraft Workshops where we build model aircraft with instructors from the Turkish Aeronautical Association (THK) and Technical Training for engineering tools that are used in the industry are examples of other technical events that we organize.


Online Events

A worldwide pandemic was declared, and schools suddenly had to make the switch to online education. Online education and the pandemic process made it impossible for us to carry out a lot of the activities that we planned for this year.  The ‘shelter at home process’ gave us the opportunity to organize webinars on online platforms. We have held webinars with people from NASA, the European Space Agency and Silicon Valley. You can watch these webinars which, in Turkish, we call “Masabaşı Seminerleri” on our YouTube channel.


Social Events

We would like to have a great time with our members, expand their social surroundings and decrease the intensive stress of school exams. In order to do that we organize social activities such as trips, barbeques and movie nights.


Women of Aviation Worldwide Week

As UUMK, we celebrate WOAW Week hosting female guests from the aviation industry to talk about the importance of gender balance in the aviation industry, what we can do to foster gender balance equality and related challenges.


Looking to the Future

As UUMK, we want to establish teams for students so that the can improve themselves technically and at the same time we want to offer the opportunity to represent our school in national and international competitions in the best way possible.


International Event

Euroavia - Emeac 2018

EUROAVIA contributes to students` professional skills with contests and workshops, and it provides a suitable environment for students to get to know different cultures and promotes the exchange of ideas.

One of the prestigious events of EUROAVIA - EMEAC 2018 took place in Istanbul hosted by our club. The congress lasted a week with 50 participants. In addition to meetings, the participants were taken on tours to get to know our beautiful city.


Contact Information of İTÜ – Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering Association

  • INSTAGRAM - @ituuumk

  • TWITTER - @ituuumk

  • FACEBOOK - @UcakUzayMK

Last Word

As UUMK, we care about cooperation with other aviation associations. We desire to be an inspiration for them while also being inspired by those aviation associations. Thanks to Aviation Turkey Magazine for both giving us the opportunity to introduce our association and for giving you the opportunity to get to know other aviation associations.

Özyeğin University

Özyeğin University (OZU) is a non-profit, state-recognized higher education institution established in 2007. OZU has a multicultural study environment with international students from 56 different countries at the OZU campus.

Faculty of Aviation and Aeronautical Sciences

Özyeğin University Faculty of Aviation and Aeronautical Sciences (FAAS) was founded in 2011 as a School of Aviation, then it became a Faculty by YÖK (Higher Education Institution) approval in 2016. The FAAS aspires to become an internationally recognized center of aviation in the region by admitting not only Turkish students but also international students from all over the world.

OZU – Civil Aviation Club

Özyeğin University - Civil Aviation Club was established under the Faculty of Aviation and Aeronautical Sciences in 2012 as one of the 38 student clubs sponsored by OZU. Since then, it has been one of the most active clubs at the university by organizing seminars, contests, site-visits, and movie nights. Currently, Özyeğin University - Civil Aviation club has 86 active members. The majority of members are either students of Aviation Management or Professional Flight students. 

OZU – Civil Aviation Club Mission

OZU - Civil Aviation Club was established to inspire future leaders in the aviation industry by entertaining, sharing, learning, and exploring. The members lead their business, social life, and network while studying at the same time. Participants are eventually able to call themselves successful graduates of OZU with footsteps already taken in the aviation industry, and they also become social and self-confident individuals. Creating differentiation and being the most effective university aviation club is the core ideal of the club.

OZU – Civil Aviation Club Logo & Slogan

‘’The Core of Aviation’’

(Havacılığın OZU)


Board Members of OZU – Civil Aviation Club

President: Hande Zeydan – Aviation Management

Vice President: Gökberk Benlialper - Aviation Management

Visual Manager: Melis Tabak - Pilot Training

Event Manager: Beliz Çağlı- Aviation Management

Treasurer: Mustafa Yaman - Pilot Training

Head of Supervisory Board: Göksel Hüseyin Özçolak - Aviation Management

Members of Supervisory Board: Emin Can Siyimer - Aviation Management,

Zeynep Nur Çiğdem - Aviation Management,


Main Activities of OZU – Civil Aviation Club

The events and meetings of the club are regulated and approved by the Social Club Responses from OZU managers. The club organizes events for all the students at the university and they support the faculty activities as well. For example, one of the most remarkable aviation seminars in Turkey is hosted by OZU - FAAS is an Istanbul Hub Seminar. The Seminar aims to discuss the latest topics and trends in aviation at the Istanbul Hub. OZU - Civil Aviation Club members support the seminar by welcoming and navigating guests from all around the world. The club also organizes movie nights and social responsibility activities as well.



Crew Resource Management (CRM)

Sectoral Evaluations

International Aviator Women’s Week

Turkish Flight History

Panels with Pilots and Managers

General Aviation Development in Turkey  


Thematic Career Days

The OZU - Civil Aviation Club determines a specific theme for each event and hosts the most effective names of the sector on campus. The guests share theoretical and practical knowledge and experience that they have acquired throughout their career. Students are also totally free to ask and interact with the guests at the end of the presentations.


Kahoot! - 

Civil Aviation Acknowledgement Prize Competition

Kahoot! play is a traditional game at Özyeğin University. It has been played from English prep school to graduation, in many courses and events. The Aviation Club plays and gives prizes to students ranking the highest. The questions mainly focus on civil aviation culture and theoretical knowledge. Generally, lots of students from other faculties have participated and could also answer the questions. The important clue to win is being fast and being confident with the answer.


Pilot Farewell Cocktail

OZU Professional Flight Training students transition from the campus education in the second years’ second semester and continue flight training and flights at Hezarfen Airport. Thus, OZU - Civil Aviation Club members have organized a farewell ceremony for them in the evenings. Every student dresses up for the event in formal clothes and drinks cocktails, eats from the university`s Le Cordon Bleu’s restaurant, and has fun thanks to the support of the OZU - Music Club’s songs and the OZU - Dance Club members’ show.


Model Aircraft Contests 

OZU - Civil Aviation Club members rebuild or fly model planes and its own drones on campus regularly. Additionally, this year it was regulated by a prized paper plane competition to fold the best paper plane and achieve the most flight time thanks to the best aerodynamics.


International Event

Haaga – Helia University of Applied Sciences & OZU

Özyeğin University has a contract with Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. OZU - FAAS, Aviation Management students are able to do their Erasmus in Finland and 20 students from that university visit Turkey and OZU - Civil Aviation Club members have accompanied them and have shown them around Turkish Airlines and Istanbul International Airport. 


Cooperative Event Women of Aviation Worldwide Week

OZU - Civil Aviation Club welcomes various women aviators each year from flight crew to ground operations. This year, a question-answer seminar and discussion was arranged with an experienced female pilot on the subject of gender discrimination in employment and the mind-set in Turkey’s aviation industry with the contribution of the HeForShe Club.


Looking to the Future

Our vision is organizing worldwide events with other international clubs in other countries as well as companies and authorities to give official certificates to members for their professional accomplishments. OZU - Civil Aviation Club members aim to become well rounded individuals and to be able to understand and cover all the necessities in the aviation industry.


Contact Information of OZU – Civil Aviation Club

  • INSTAGRAM - @aviationozu

Last Word

As OZU - Civil Aviation Club, taking into consideration the demands and desires of members, our objective is to supply them with activities and experiences that engage them socially as well as academically in an efficient way.  Our sustainability is grounded in the fact that we can learn and share experiences with each other, and this is always enjoyable and makes us happy. Thus, it is a huge honor to have this opportunity to inspire new and existing aviation clubs via Aviation Turkey Magazine.


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