New Destination From Corendon Airlines: INDIA
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New Destination From Corendon Airlines: INDIA

Issue 14 - 2022
New Destination From Corendon Airlines: INDIA

With the end of the summer season, Corendon Airlines has sent a total of seven TC tail code aircraft from its fleet, five of which are Boeing 737-8 (MAX) and two of which are Boeing 737-800, to the low-cost airline SpiceJet in India for wetlease operation.

Corendon Airlines Commercial Director Mine Aslan noted that, according to the agreements between Corendon Airlines and SpiceJet, which have been carrying out wetlease operations together for six years, the operation started in mid-October and will continue until April.

The Wetlease operation means that an airline charters its aircraft to another airline with its crews for a short time during the low season. Corendon Airlines has been collaborating with Spice Jet for many years, as the low season in Turkey and Europe and the high season in India are entering. Mine Aslan stated that wetlease operations are very important in terms of the use and continuity of airlines' resources, and that an airline's chartering of aircraft in low season to another airline in high season helps to balance the annual usage of the aircraft.

Corendon Airlines will assign 35 captain pilots, 35 co-pilots and 140 cabin crew to India every month, along with seven aircraft, for the wetlease operation to be continued for six months.

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