Our Industry has the Potential to Compete Globally with  High Value-Added Products...
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Our Industry has the Potential to Compete Globally with High Value-Added Products...

Issue 19 - 2023
Our Industry has the Potential to Compete Globally with  High Value-Added Products...

 by  Prof. Dr. A. Hamit Serbest

Chairman of the Executive Board USİMP - University - Industry Collaboration Centers Platform Turkey 

The economic growth of our country relies on both technological advancements and our capacity to produce high value-added products and services. Just as observed globally, universities serve as fertile grounds for new knowledge, while industries leverage this knowledge to produce technology. Thus, it is crucial for our industries to establish robust collaborations with universities and foster a culture that translates research results into tangible socio-economic values, all aimed at bolstering our capacity to produce technological products and services.

Technology is fundamentally built upon knowledge, and in the present era, knowledge has emerged as the most invaluable asset. As a result, within the current global paradigm, nations holding economic preeminence are those that generate knowledge, translate it into technology, and employ this technology to manufacture goods and services across various industries, thus generating domestic resources through this intricate process. 

Through TUBITAK's introduction of the Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) program in 2013, financial support was extended to our universities with the aim of fostering the transfer of knowledge from universities to industries. This initiative sought to encourage the patenting of innovative research findings produced by academicians, provided these findings demonstrated originality and applicability to the industry. Subsequently, the program's trajectory aimed at facilitating the international sale of these patents.

Our established industry should rightfully be granted a preference prior to the patenting and sale of inventions derived from our country’s resources and intellectual prowess to developed nations. In line with this objective, as USIMP, we have been organizing the "USIMP National Patent Fair" annually since 2015. This fair serves as a platform for showcasing university-generated inventions, with a special invitation extended to industry stakeholders. Over the last two years, the event transitioned to an online format due to the pandemic, but since 2022, it has resumed its physical format. This year, we will organize the USIMP National Patent Fair and the University-Industry Collaboration National Congress, previously hosted at the METU Congress and Culture Center in 2022, to be held in Ankara. Taking place on November 22-23, 2023, and hosted by Teknopark Ankara, the event welcomes both industrialists and citizens, and attendance is free of charge. Over the course of two days, the "15th University-Industry Collaboration Congress," centered around the theme "Growing and Developing with Platforms," will run concurrently with the patent exhibition.

University TTOs will showcase their patented inventions at the event, while experts will be available to furnish information to both industrialists and other attendees visiting the booths. For those interested, arrangements for business-to-business (B2B) meetings with industrialists can also be facilitated upon request. It's important to note that the University-Industry Collaboration Centers Platform (USIMP) is not a fair organization company; you can find more information about us on our website (www.usimp.org.tr). Since our establishment in 2007, USIMP has been exerting efforts under the principle of “taking responsibility considering the prevailing circumstances.” The primary goal of this fair is to facilitate the convergence of university inventions and industrialists, thereby enabling their access to novel technologies. Furthermore, it's evident that the fair's atmosphere will create a platform for both parties to foster new collaborations. 

For the latest information on the USIMP National Patent Fair and the University-Industry Collaboration National Congress, please visit https://www.usimppatentfuari.org.tr/. You can register for the event and view the list of individuals and organizations that have already registered.

Looking forward to meeting you at Teknopark Ankara on November 22-23, 2023!

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