PEGASUS to Improve the Experience of its Guests and Employees with AI
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PEGASUS to Improve the Experience of its Guests and Employees with AI

Issue 24 - 2024
PEGASUS to Improve the Experience of its Guests and Employees with AI

Over the past 30 years, technology has rapidly evolved with significant milestones, such as the widespread adoption of the internet, the evolution of mobile devices, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics, causing profound changes in every field. Today, a brand new door has been opened with generative artificial intelligence. Initiatives like OpenAI's ChatGPT have democratised AI, making AI technologies unlimited, cost-effective, and user-friendly for a much wider audience. During this process, keeping up with the pace of technology has become even more critical for companies to increase operational efficiency, sustain competitive advantage, and meet customer expectations.

The airline industry is one of the sectors that must put technology and innovation at its core to continuously offer a safer, faster, and more comfortable service experience. At Pegasus Airlines, we started our digital transformation in 2018 and continue our journey by focusing on the optimal way to harness artificial intelligence. With this purpose, we introduced our FlyGPT Program, which supports our goal of becoming one of the top three airlines globally regarding technological utilisation. Within this program, we conduct valuable research, training programs, and projects that aim to position AI in the most effective way to improve the experiences of our guests and employees, optimise our business processes, and increase our operational efficiency. This programme also allows us to bring all company employees together under one roof for AI training, harmonising the knowledge level across all departments. Recently, we hosted Open AI Academy training sessions in partnership with MS and NTTData. These sessions were designed to demonstrate the benefits of Generative AI to our management teams responsible for guiding our AI strategy and the experts across our business units. 

Under the FlyGPT program, we continue to develop our long-standing AI applications in areas such as dynamic pricing, determining in-flight catering quantities, and guest insights with new features. For instance, we are designing the algorithms for the loading of our catering on-board to become smarter with new inputs.

The ‘Plan Your Trip with ChatGPT’ feature, which we recently added to our digital assistant FlyBot, allows our guests to plan their trips with the support of a digital assistant. As a result, we became the first airline in Türkiye to offer a travel planning service with ChatGPT integration, recommending routes that reflect guests' specific requests. This collaboration with ChatGPT reinforces the transformative role of AI and conversational assistants in the airline industry, providing a significantly improved level of convenience for travel enthusiasts.

Another FlyGPT project is our FLYDEA suggestion system, where our employees can propose innovative ideas. Thanks to ChatGPT integration in FLYDEA, our employees can conduct research, gather information, examine other airline applications and new trends globally, and therefore enrich their suggestions with AI. In the next step, we will activate features that will allow the viewing of comparisons of previously entered suggestions and the evaluations received for those suggestions.

Another application, KEYGPT, enables our call centre teams to be assisted by generative AI. By supporting the team in searching for documents in the information portal and consolidating information, we aim to respond to our guests in the shortest time possible, thus increasing guest satisfaction and optimising our operational costs. Similarly, our 'We have a wheelchair assistant' project launching soon, which aims to elevate our guest experience and improve our planning performance. With AI-supported data analytics, we will be able to anticipate and plan for the needs of guests who have not declared their need for a wheelchair before their flight.

In summary, AI and Generative AI have the potential to bring about significant beneficial transformations across many industries, including the airline industry, through their ground-breaking innovations. We believe that with the right scenarios, AI will create added value by providing our guests with a convenient and unique travel experience, an end-to-end digitalised working experience for our employees, and ensuring operational efficiency for our company. At Pegasus, we will continue to pursue our strategy with our FlyGPT program, which we launched to realise this immense potential 

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