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STM Products Stand out in the Civil Aviation Sector

Issue 1 - 2019
STM Products Stand out in the Civil Aviation Sector
Playing a leading role in the Turkish Defense Industry, STM Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş. is making critical investments in the civil aviation sector in order to utilize the experience and know - how gained in military aviation and thus making its mark on critical indigenous technologies which is a newly emerging area in Turkey. STM conducts activities through the consultancy and certification services it provides to elevate the civil aviation to the next level.

Currently executing its activities in three main areas composed of engineering, technology and consultancy services, STM was established in 1991 upon a decree of the Defence Industry Executive Committee for providing consultancy services to the Turkish Armed Forces and Presidency of Defence Industries with the purpose of serving in the development of critical technologies.

The advanced technologies developed by STM towards flight safety and flight operations stand out in the company’s activities conducted toward utilizing experience gained in the defence industry.

Also providing consultancy services in the area of civil aviation in design, certification, system engineering, program management and other similar areas, STM undertakes a crucial role toward building a sustainable eco-system through cooperation.

Technologies making difference in the cockpit

STM introduces the Paperless Cockpit - Cabin - Operation Control Center Integration Application AeroSuite™ and the Portable Electronic Flight BagAeroTab™ to facilitate the process during flight operations and to increase efficiency. By launching groundbreaking technologies in Turkey particularly in the technology area, STM aims to fulfill national demands while marketing the indigenous and innovative products that it manufactures to the whole world.

AeroSuite™ maintains a paperless integration between the cockpit, cabin and the operation control center. All the solutions; AeroCharting - the automatic flight charter generator within the AeroSuite™, Aerocabin the cabin crew management provider, the electronic flight bag solution - AeroTab™ are presented in a digital environment.

The user - friendly application compatible with all types of aircraft AeroTab™ enables a paperless integration of the cockpit and the operation control center by replacing the conventional flight bag. The Electronic Flight Bag stands with the easy-to-use interface designed for the pilots. The portable Type B electronic flight bag solution it contains and its modular infrastructure supporting the “Paperless Cockpit” concept create effective utilization throughout all the stages of the flight. The system integrated with the Airport Operation Management Systems reduces the workload of pilots and allows easy access to data whenever requested. In this way, through the automatic take-off and landing estimations the fuel/ maintenance expenses are reduced as well.

Developed through fully indigenous and national resources, the AeroTab™ is being actively used in all flight operations by Atlasglobal Arlines in Turkey, Iraqi Airways of Iraq and by Atlasjet Ukraine since 2014.

Indigenous products in civil aviation

Turkey’s first indigenous integrated flight surveillance system OpsEye™ and again Turkey’s first meteorological analysis application with civil aviation purposes the OpsMET™, are among the critical products introduced to the civil aviation sector by STM. Enabling real-time aircraft and vehicle traffic surveillance at the apron area and approach courses at the airport, OpsEye™ provides support to flight operation control units and directly contributes to the decision support mechanism during tactical operations. This system transfers live data on the airplanes’ door closing, push-back, approaching, ground surveillance and location settings, and functions integrated with the internal operational systems of the airlines.

At present, on account of the OpsEye™ civil aviation traffic over the air space of Turkey and its neighbor countries could be instantly tracked. Developed with the know-how support of Turkish Airlines, OpsEye™ has been conducting its task of being “Turkish Airlines’ Eye in the Operation” 24/7 at 11 airports in Turkey including Istanbul Airport and the system installed at TRNC Ercan Airport since 2015.

A web-based meteorological analysis application OpsMET™ uses the first indigenous big data analysis platform OVERA infrastructure also developed by STM. This system with a database generated from METAR, TAF and SPECI reports spanning about twenty years for airports where airlines conduct flights, or at airports with flight potential enable a rapid analysis of meteorological data. This system enables the identification of a convenient timetable, improvement of the number of the passengers, allocation of sources regarding the airports’ weather forecasts as well as identification of the facilities of airports and requirements considering maintenance equipment.

Developed fully through the resources of STM, OpsMET™ is the first web application published via STM servers and has been actively used during the flight planning process within the Turkish Airlines’ Operation Control Center since 2016.

Certification services

Regarding the civil aviation area, STM has been providing consultancy services on airworthiness certification since 2011. Establishing the safety function and the infrastructure for airworthiness certification, airworthiness assessment, airworthiness certification and certification training are among the services provided by STM.

With the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) Certified Design Organization authorization granted by the EASA following an application and supervisions, various services are being provided to the military and civil aviation authorities, civil airlines, production and maintenance institutions, and other institutions taking part in the aviation industry. Consultancy services are being conducted for the design and ratification of certification projects with updates, modification and repairing purposes for civil air vehicles, for providing training and achieving international recognition of our country’s existing institutions.

Critical cooperation between the SHGM and STM on civil aviation

In order to extend its activities in the area of civil aviation, STM signed a Cooperation Protocol with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (SHGM) last January. The two aforementioned institutions agreed to cooperate on training, consultancy, execution of joint R&D activities, building/ conducting technology development/ technology acquisition projects, organization of joint seminars and conferences.

Within the signed protocol, cooperation primarily on areas of “cyber security”, “aviation safety” and “airworthiness” were agreed upon. Within the scope of the Cyber Security Cooperation Agreement a joint workgroup will be established and services on cyber security operations, penetration tests will be provided as well as cyber intelligence and cyber operation services, cyber security training services and joint activities will be executed at international platforms. The Cooperation Agreement on Aviation Safety covers the areas such as collective representation at international workgroups, safety devices and technologies, the certification of such technologies, security training, risk and threat assessment, explosive detection dogs, behavior analysis, screening qualification and certification, passenger awareness, biometrical systems, and machine readable travel documents. Execution of technical consultancy services to strengthen the certification infrastructure of SHGM and supporting the activities to be conducted as part of informing the sector are included in the cooperation established on Airworthiness.

Moreover, with the aforementioned Protocol an understanding was reached on the promotion and supporting of STM’s aviation solutions by the SHGM at local and international platforms, and the establishment of cooperation as part the process with the design, production and marketing of products that increase the efficiency of the parties, as well as the identification and implementation of strategies.

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