VOLUME 1 - ISSUE 2 - YEAR 2019

TEKNOFEST 2019 – From the Spotter`s Vantage Point
5th Turkish Aerospace Medicine (TASM) 2019 Congress Held in Izmir
Additive Manufacturing Technologies in the Aviation Industry in Pursuit of Weight Optimization
SunExpress Celebrates its 30th Year
Digital Transformation Quickens Pegasus’s Competitive Advantage
Permanent Representative for ICAO
TOBB Turkey Civil Aviation Council Meeting Held in Istanbul
ICAO 2019 Council and Presidency Election
Istanbul Airport Cargo City
Performing Better and Faster – Drones Becoming Fundamental in Many Businesses
What do We Expect in the Future for the Business Jet market?
Two Big Thresholds of the Air Cargo Market
Bilen Air Services Turkey’s Leader in FBO Services & Airline Representation and Supervision
Direct Flight from New York to Sydney
Singapore Airlines The World’s Longest, Non-Stop Commercial Flight Operator
Hello to All Aviation Fans!
Red Bull - Istanbul Beneath Wings
Bahri Kesici Appointed General Manager of Civil Aviation
Fraport Celebrates its 20th Year in Turkey
Flight Safety Starts with Healthiness
STM Taps into the Enormous Opportunity in Civil Aviation
Gulfstream G500 Earns European Certification
Air India is Decorating its Boeing B-777
Onward and Upward Turkey’s Ballooning Industry Ascends Skyward
10th National Aeronautics and Aerospace Engineering Congress Held in Eskişehir
Travel Experience Elevated to New Heights with Emirates
Havaş Become the First User of DG AutoCheck at GH Sector in Turkey
Turkish National Flag Carrier Adds 787 Dreamliner to its Fleet
Collins Aerospace Co-Creates Aviation X Lab with Unique Global Collaboration
What Happened at the Paris Air Show?
Gogo’s AVANCE Platform Tops 175,000 Business Aviation Flights
Global Supplier Process Streamlined
World’s Largest Airport Welcomes Passengers with Eon Terminal Seats
Excellence in Maintenance myTECHNIC has touched the lives of over 240 million passengers
Global Footprint of TAV Airports Reaches 90 Airports in 28 Countries
DHMI General Manager Hüseyin Keskin Appointed
Turkish Technic and Satair Sign Partnership Agreement to Support Airbus Fleet Maintenance
FAI Nominated as Finalist in Air Ambulance Company of Year Award
Welcome to the Airline Bankruptcy Race!
Registry Certification for First Turkish Aviatrices Granted to Prof. Yurdanur Tulunay
Turkish State Meteorological Service Tracks and Utilizes Weather Data with an Expanding Observational Network
Global Air Cargo and Turkish Cargo
Air for Startups: Why Small Companies Are the Future of the Aerospace Industry
Çelebi Platinum Services
Civil Helicopter Market Presence Grows in South Africa with New Distributorship Agreement
Havelsan’s Innovation and Advancements Open up New Civil Aviation Market Opportunities
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Exactly One Hundred Years Old
Turkey`s Success in Aviation Security Certified by the ICAO
Oshkosh Air Venture ‘19 – Gathering Point of Aviation Enthusiasts
Turkish Team: Winner of the Model Satellite Competition
Eurasia Airshow 2020 will Bring together Decision Makers of the Global Aerospace Industry
HAVELSAN Genel Müdürü Ahmet Hamdi Atalay: “THY’nin sipariş verdiği 11 adet simülatörün ilkini 2020 yılının başında teslim edeceğiz.”
Ready for Take-off: Aviation English From Past to Future

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